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What is Managed WordPress Hosting?  (Top 3 Options)

Wouldn’t it be amazing if all the technical aspects of managing a website just… vanished? 

Essentially that's what Managed WordPress hosting provides.  No hassle system administration for you so you can leave burdensome website maintenance tasks to the experts and instead focus on doing your job.  

You're thinking, sig me up, right?  Hold up a second.  First thing's first... what is managed WordPress hosting and do you really need it? You can think of managed WordPress hosting as web hosting made simpler. Your web host, when you purchase a managed WordPress hosting plan, will take care of all of the mundane, but absolutely necessary technical components of managing a website. If you’re non-technical and have the budget, you might want to consider purchasing a managed WordPress plan.

Here are three top Managed WordPress hosting options for you:


Web Host

Starting Price per month







Advantages to Managed WordPress

If you’re looking for a no-hassle approach to managing your website, you’ll profit from a managed WordPress plan. Instead of spending your time managing the technical aspects of your webdsite, let your web host do the dirty work so you can focus on doing your job. Let’s dive into some of the WordPress Managed Hosting advantages.

>> Speedy Servers

Unlike shared servers which house sites built on many different content management systems, your Managed WordPress server is built especially for WordPress websites. What does this mean for you? It means speedy load times, which is awesome for you because we all know how much traffic and business we could potentially lose from painfully slow-to-load websites.

>> Auto Updates and consistent data backups

No need to pull down your site manually. Your managed WordPress plan will automatically backup your data for you. No need to worry about losing any information. Likewise, gone are the days of manually updating your site. Automatic updates are included in most managed WordPress packages.

>> Reliable uptime stats

Due to the incredible attention and management your site will receive on a managed WordPress plan, your website will be able to host much greater amounts of traffic than typically possible on a shared hosting plan. While there might still be traffic limits associated with your plan and package, you’ll enjoy the reliability of extremely high uptime stats. It’ll be a rare occurrence for you to experience any downtime on a managed WordPress plan.

>> Security

Your website will be under secure lock and key when you’re on a managed WordPress plan. Think of it as being bulletproof. Your website will be shielded from malware and hacks. Sounds pretty awesome.

>> Support

You’ll also benefit from having a technical support team available for your use or reference. This support team is composed of WordPress experts who have the necessary experience and know-how to troubleshoot and resolve most website related issues.

Doesn’t it all sound just grand? It is grand, and that’s why Managed WordPress hosting will cost more than the average shared hosting plan. Though, we think the cost is justified if you have the means, and you lack the technical experience.

Limitations to Managed WordPress:

>> Plugin Restrictions

Some Managed WordPress plans won’t allow you to install certain plugins. Their reasoning will vary, but typically they’ll restrict certain plugins that could compromise your website’s security, slow your website speed, or the task the plugin completes is already accomplished on the server. Plugin restrictions may seem annoying, but it’s done for your benefit.

>> Much More Expensive

We mentioned this earlier, but Managed WordPress will cost you significantly more per month. The question you’ll need to ask yourself is whether the service is worth it to you. If you’re a small time blogger, you’ll likely want to rule out the managed WordPress hosting options. If you’re a small to mid-size business, opting for a managed WordPress plan could actually save you money in the long run rather than hiring a system administrator.

Should you Choose Managed WordPress Hosting?

Now that we’ve answered the “what is managed WordPress hosting?” question, we’re able to move onto the bigger question, whether you should opt for managed WordPress hosting in the first place.

Ultimately, you’ll be choosing between shared hosting and the managed WordPress option. To ease your decision making process, we’ve outlined a few questions to help you along.

How big is your website?

If your website is really (really) tiny, there’s probably no reason for you to spend the money on a managed WordPress plan. Sure, if you have the means, go for it. But if the budget is tight and your site is small (you’re an independent blogger, run a small portfolio site, or something similar) you’re probably fine sticking to the cheaper shared hosting options out there. We recommend Bluehost for your purposes.

How technical are you?

So, your website isn’t super small, but how technical are you? If you’re technical enough to manage all things WordPress related on the server level, maybe your own skills will be enough to skip spending the money on a Managed WordPress plan. If not, meaning you’re non-technical and your website is decently sized, you’ll profit from a managed WordPress plan.

How busy are you?

While you may have the skills (yourself, or you have someone on staff with the skills) that all means nothing if you don’t actually have sufficient time to dedicate to managing your website server level. Be honest with yourself on this one. Better not to drop a ball that never needed to be dropped. Don’t convince yourself that you’ll be able to manage the site when you really don’t have the time. Save yourself the hassle and the stress… if this is you, just go for the managed WordPress option.

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  • Hi Eden,

    I couldn’t agree more with you about managed WordPress hosting.

    So many people start out with shared hosting, due to the lower price point, and I understand that. Been there done that.

    But then once traffic starts coming in and their business takes off, then they realize they can’t keep up with the maintenance on their site. This is where the managed service helps out.

    I really like SiteGround as a first choice for the lower budget, but then as the budget gets bigger, I really like Liquid Web. They just have the best customer service around.

    Thanks, Eden for sharing this article with us and I hope you have a great week!

    Rob McDonald recently posted…Which is Better for You, Shared Hosting or VPS?

    • Hi Rob,

      Thanks for stopping by! Managed service definitely has a lot to offer, especially if people are looking for a more “hands off” solution. I haven’t reviewed Liquid Web yet but it’s on my list of hosts to review! Thanks for sharing your perspective!


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