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The Welcome Email Formula – What to include in your welcome email?

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You hear as a blogger that one of the most powerful things you can do is GROW your list.

So you spend loads of time creating an incredible freebie, designing a landing page that will woo your readers into passing you their email address in exchange for the freebie, and marketing the heck out of that landing page and freebie.

But what happens after people opt into the landing page?

Yes, you celebrate because you have one more email subscriber…

… But now you have to figure out what to do what that subscriber.

What in the world are you going to send to them?

Well, you’ll send them a welcome email… of course!

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Don’t do what I did

When I first started growing my list, I focused all of my efforts on growing the list and NONE of my efforts on figuring out what to send my new subscribers.

Here’s what happened: My list grew (woohoo) but I failed to nurture those subscribers. This meant that several months passed without them receiving any sort of email from me. Major fail!

If I were to do it all over again, I’d make sure that I planned my freebie, my welcome email and my welcome email series all together so that they flowed nicely and nurtured my subscribers.

Because the way I did it was sort of like getting teaching someone to learn how to jump in a pool but forgetting to teach them how to swim… I definitely don’t recommend that.

So the rest of this blog post is going to focus on step one… creating the welcome email (what to include in the welcome email and other useful tips for you!).

And, perhaps most importantly, I would strongly advise you to go and learn about Email Marketing before you start blasting your list. Know your audience and know how to market to them.

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All About the Welcome Email

Your welcome email is the first email that goes to your subscribers after they have opted into your list.

But not only that, it’s also going to be one of the most opened emails your subscribers will ever get from you.

Welcome emails generally have a 50-60% open rate (meaning 50-60% of the recipients will actually open the welcome email you send them).

The open rate of your welcome email is significantly higher than it will be for any other email you send.

What does this mean for you?

It means that you have quite an opportunity in front of you to woo your new subscribers and convince them that all of your future emails are worth opening, too.

Here are a few other reasons why your welcome email is important to take advantage of:

  • The welcome email helps you establish a connection with your readers
  • The welcome email gets your readers used to seeing you pop up in their inbox
  • The welcome email allows you to set expectations for future correspondence
  • The welcome email allows readers to get to know you on a more personal level

So, the moral of the story here is this: welcome emails are important, valuable, and offer you the unique opportunity to leverage them into convincing your new subscribers that you’re going to give real value they won’t want to miss.

If you feel like you're big enough to start hiring companies like Salesforce who help you with marketing and customer services then I would also recommend looking into if they do integrating services too because then you can integrate G-Mail and it will make it so much easier for you to manage your emails. You can learn more here: https://www.salesforce.com/solutions/small-business-solutions/integrations/.

Now that we've covered the basics, let's dive into the formula. Here's what to include in the welcome email to your subscribers.

The Welcome Email Formula – What to include in the welcome email

I like acronyms, so I use the acronym R.A.C.E to help explain the welcome email formula.

R (remind) A (action) C (connection) E (expectations)

Keep reading on to learn how to implement each aspect of the formula into your welcome email.?

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1. REMIND them Why They’re Getting the Email

In a day and age where our inboxes are constantly being filled with countless messages (half of which mean nothing to us), you may need to remind your subscribers why they’re getting an email from you.

Keep it simple…

“Hey, thanks for downloading the….I hope you loved it!”

That will do the trick!

2. Establish a CONNECTION & Build Trust

If you only take one thing away from this blog post, take this away.

Emails allow you to build a deep, meaningful, trust-based relationship with your subscribers.

Sound cheesy? Oh well! Use it to your advantage because it’s true.

Email is always going to be a better way to get to know your readers than any social media platform. Why? Because it feels more personal.

When your readers get an email from you in their inbox, they really do feel like it’s from YOU. Whereas social media posts are for social media – it’s just a totally different feel.

Use the welcome email to build trust. Here are some ideas:

  • Tell a personal story – Share how you get to the point that you're at now
  • Invite readers to follow along with your journey

I use my welcome email to explain “the embarrassing story of me” – how I almost went to law school but decided at the last minute, when it was almost too late, to start a blog instead. Then I share my success – I’ve gone from making nothing to earning a full time salary as a blogger.

This story allows my readers (eager bloggers who want to monetize) to connect with me. I’ve achieved what they want to achieve, which helps to build a bond between us.

I get countless replies from people currently in grad programs (law school, med school, anything) saying how they wish they had done what I did!

I also get tons of messages from people wanting to know MORE about my story.

You see why getting personal and sharing a bit about you in your welcome email is so useful?

3. Tell them what to EXPECT from you

This rules people out.

The people who aren’t supposed to be on your list will unsubscribe if they don’t like what they read in the expectations section.

Never let unsubscribes get to you – remember, that you pay for your subscribers. Why would you want to pay for people that don’t want to be on your list? That’s just a waste of your money.

4. Direct them to take ACTION

Email is a great way to engage with people – ask them to do things.

  • Hit reply
  • Join a Facebook Group
  • Share something on social media
  • Whitelist your email address

What you ask your subscribers to do is really up to you. But the important thing is that you direct them to a clear next step.

I usually ask my subscribers to hit reply and answer a question. This way, I get to reply to their email and start a real back and forth conversation with them.

They’ll remember an email conversation with me. They’ll remember that I took the time to reply to their individual message. And that will go a very long way for the both of us!

Wrapping it up – get creative and be YOU

Just like it’s important to use your own voice and be YOU in your blog writing, the same is true for email. Your subscribers will connect more with you when you infuse more of your personality into every aspect of your writing – email included. So don’t be shy. Don’t be afraid to be you.

Use the RACE formula and your welcome email will be spot on. Now get to writing!