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top 3 premium wordpress themes for your website

The 3 Top Premium WordPress Themes For Your Website

If you’re looking to start a website, chances are you’ll soon run into the question of themes… You won’t suffer from a shortage of options by any means. WordPress is filled with tons of themes (free and premium) and this article will outline the top premium WordPress themes for your website.

First things first: If you’re questioning whether to pay for a premium WordPress theme or not to pay for a free WordPress theme, check out my post on why I think it’s time to ditch your free theme (or the idea of a free theme) and go premium.

I’m not anti-free themes, I’m just a realist. The reality is that free themes just don’t have the same sort of robust out of the box capability that paid platforms do. You’ll be spending a lot more time trying to customize a free theme to your liking than you would with premium themes that have that functionality already built in for you.

And, not to mention the fact that free themes don’t often roll out updates (meaning if there’s a quirky feature not functioning properly, it could be quite some time (if ever) until the developers roll out a fix. You’ll also struggle to find any sort of support for free platforms. But that’s no surprise. You get what you pay for… so if you pay nothing, well, you get the rest…

There is a clear advantage in paying for on of the top premium themes and there is surely no shortage of options available. Before I outline the three top premium WordPress themes for your website, here are a few things to look for when shopping for themes.

1. Your WordPress Theme Should Absolutely Be Responsive.

Responsiveness means that your site will literally respond to the size of your browser. With a responsive theme, your site will present well on mobile devices, tablets, laptops and on abnormally large desktop computers. Don’t you just hate when a site looks awful on mobile? Responsiveness resolves this issue to make sure it’s never a problem for your site.

You really can’t sacrifice responsiveness if you want your site to be successful. Let’s be real, most of your readers will be looking at your site on mobile or tablet devices. Desktop computers and laptops are on their way out. Your site theme needs to be able to look stunning on all device screens (no matter their size). If you’re looking at a size that is not responsive, you’re doing the WRONG thing, my friend.

2. Your Theme Should Come with Customer Service

Make sure you can get some help when you need it. Whether you’re looking at a free theme or a premium, paid theme – make sure you have support available to you if you need it. Imagine spending hours upon hours building up your site only to find an issue with something in the theme that you have no control over. Total bummer, but totally avoidable. Make sure you have a customer service team available to troubleshoot any issues as they arise.

3. Your Theme Should be Compatible On All Browsers

I’m a Google Chrome lover, but (for whatever reason) not everyone is. Your site needs to present well across all browsers, no questions asked. Make sure you do your homework on that before committing to anything (free or otherwise).

4. Your Theme MUST (MUST MUST) Be SEO Optimized

This is not an option. Even if you’re looking at the most stunning WordPress theme, there’s a chance that their code will bog down your SEO and destroy any chance you have at ranking on search engines. A good WordPress theme will be optimized for SEO, so make sure you’re looking at one of those.

top premium wordpress themes

Top Premium WordPress Themes for Your Website:

You’re safest when you go with one of the following theme options.

1. Divi Theme (from Elegant Themes)

divi top wordpress theme

divi is a top wordpress premium theme. use it to create a beautifully designed professional website.

Divi – my favorite theme. I built my first ever website off of Divi. It was while using Divi that I realized that frontend web development is fun and achievable, even as a beginner.

Using Divi is seamless, even with virtually no technical web development experience at all. Use the visual content builder (aka Divi Builder), the built in templates, and access a full library of pre-programmed widgets to give your site a crisp, professional feel without the hassle of coding.

Divi is perfect for just about any type of site you’re building – whether it’s e-commerce, a personal blog, or a B2B solutions site, Divi has the templates and tools available for you to craft yourself a stunning website built to perform.

Learn more about Divi theme. ​

2. X Theme (from Theme Forest)

X theme is a popular choice for WordPress themes. Actually it’s one of the most popular (and versatile) theme options available right now. With X theme, you’ll be able to create virtually any web design you’re looking for with X theme. It’s an incredibly established theme that will enable quick development and deployment of your ideal web design. It’s SEO optimized and is fully equipped with tons of extensions that are built to be compatible with X theme.

Learn more about X theme.​

3. FocusBlog (from Thrive Themes)

My website is built on Thrive (FocusBlog) and, needless to say, I’m a fan. This theme offers robust capabilities that will enable quick and easy conversion of your readership. Built in lead generation tools, including landing page templates, will make web development and easy task. You’ll be able to roll out your website built on FocusBlog in no time at all. The theme is SEO optimized (of course, it wouldn’t be on this list if it wasn’t), it’s fully responsive meaning it will present well to viewers on mobile, tablets, or desktop computers, and it has a visual theme customizer (meaning you won’t need to custom program anything at all (if you don’t want to).

Learn More about Thrive Themes (and FocusBlog).


You’re reading this and thinking to yourself, What? Why are there only three themes on this list?!

There are a million and one Premium WordPress themes available and it would take tons of time to sort through them all to find the top premium WordPress themes for your website. I outlined the best of the best that have all the functionality built in to make any website design a reality. To build a phenomenal website, you need a phenomenal theme to make that possible. Purchasing one of the top Premium WordPress themes listed above will get you started off on the right foot without the hassle and headache of searching through the masses.

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