Rebel Boss with Eden Fried

Six Figure Salary with No New Content

Oh hey there Rebel Boss. 

It’s been a longggg time. Welcome back to you. Welcome back to me. 

Welcome back to the all new Rebel Boss. 

I haven’t published a blog or podcast since 2020 or 2021 and recently I started to feel the itch to create. 

I think I’ve proven a good long while ago that you do NOT need to constantly be creating new content in order to be successful generating income online, but I simply WANT to be creating new content right now. So here I am. 

If you’re new to me – hey. I’m Eden. 

I’m a regular lady on the internet that teaches people how to turn their creativity into digital products they can sell and make money from online in a variety of ways. 

I host multiple virtual summits over the course of the year introducing and educating on those different ways – like launching an Etsy shop, Shopify storefront, or growing your own audience on your website and organically launching there. 

And I do all of that with a no fluff, totally practical approach. 

Plus I do it while juggling 2 toddlers (and another one on the way – baby not a toddler). Gosh could you imagine giving birth to a toddler. Oh geeze. 

Anyway, my goal for the new edition of this podcast is to give you raw unfiltered advice with a splash of personality. 

And to do it in a not super long winded fashion!!

Today I wanted to share with you what I’ve been doing to keep my  business afloat BESIDES content generation since we know there’s been NONE O THAT. 

How I paid myself 6 figures (profit) annually while generating zero new content

#1 – Virtual Summits 

In 2020 – 2023 I hosted 9 summits I believe?

2023 was actually the first year that I hosted 4 total virtual summits – wow! 

I’m a HUGE fan of hosting summits because (a) they inject cash into my business (b) they are high value for attendees and © they allow for tons of collaboration and networking which always leads to more opportunities down the line. 

So in hosting summits, I didn’t need to worry about where my leads were coming from. They all came from these events scattered throughout the year. 

#2 Joint Ventures and Collaborations

The second thing I did that kept my business afloat and thriving was collaborating with others through THEIR events – their summits and their bundles. This allowed another cash injection and lead flow into my business. 

Yes, I make money participating in other peoples events because I use my affiliate link to share the event with my audience, AND the new leads go through my funnels, which means more sales. 

Beyond summits and bundles, I also promoted other people’s launches through 1:1 joint ventures, or also just promoting another person’s broader public launch. 

I hadn’t done this in years and I was excited to bring this strategy back. In one promotion I did with someone, I made 3 or 4k which was pretty great. 

The cool thing about this is you don’t really have to do any work. You just share the promotional resources that the seller has already created for you. SO EASY. 

So what’s the moral of the story? The common thread? 

I didn’t need to create any content for several years in order to make money.

My business generated over 6 figures in take home profit and pay every single year during that time.  And it’s all because of: drum roll, EVENTS.

Virtual summits that I hosted, bundles that I participated in, joint ventures that I collaborated with others on. 

So what am I leaning into in 2024? 

MORE OF THIS anddd more of other things. 

I’m finally feeling at a point where I want to create more and layer in some other strategies. 

But if I had to boil it down to the bare minimum that works – what I did the past few years is exactly that, the bare minimum. Now let’s see how ADDING other strategies can do to help me scale! 

Thanks for tuning in. Hope you’re excited about this new Rebel boss podcast series. Together, we’re giong to make some waves in the digital product space online – breaking all kinds of rules along the way.

Here’s to tons of digital product sales in 2024! Let’s make it happen. 


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