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SiteGround Review

SiteGround Review

Overall Rating

24/7 Customer Service

Free Domain Name

99.99% Uptime


Simple UI


This SiteGround review includes the basic information about web hosting services with SiteGround.  We'll discuss SiteGround's features, customer service, reputation, product support and more.  Read more to find out everything you need to know... but here's a little preview.  SiteGround is an incredible web host with an awesome reputation. Whether you're launching your first site, or you have a bundle, you'll find what you need with SiteGround.  They have awesome customer service, a great platform, and pretty spectacular uptime stats. For more information, read the rest of the review, or click the link to learn more.



  • AMAZING customer service response time
  • 99.99% uptime 
  • Choice of server location
  • Free domain name with purchase


  • Some features are limited to the more pricey plans
  • Some users have struggled with site migration 

The Verdict

SiteGround is a hidden gem in the world of web hosting.  If you're in the market for a reliable and reputable host, SiteGround is the way to go. Thousands of positive reviews are out there to attest to their service and support.  Click the link to learn more about SiteGround's terms, pricing, and offers.


Customer Service

24/7 Live Chat

24/7 Phone Support

24/7 Ticketing Support

​First, I just have to praise SiteGround for their impeccable support model - they have 24/7 support via phone, chat, and ticketing.  It's the most enraging thing... ever... when hosting services don't provide support day and night.  Seriously, basic customer service these days should cater to the restless and impatient people (like me) who need answers now... right now.

So thanks, SiteGround.

I digress.​

Believe it or not, the average industry resolution time for tickets on web hosting services is over 11 hours.  Yikes.  SiteGround is definitely a breath of fresh air in this department.  They'll resolve your issue (and this is a fact) in, on average, 30 minutes. 

Also, their wait time isn't horrendously long. Contrary to many of their competitors.  I've waited a ridiculously long time on certain hosting sites for chat to respond.  SiteGround will respond in no longer than 8 minutes, and it'll be someone who actually knows what they're talking about.  So, there's that.​


In the shared webspace world, security for your site is a no brainer.  It needs to be top notch. Don't worry about ​security with SiteGround.  It's hack protected.  Each account is isolated, minimizing your risk of being affected on the shared server.  In addition to secure account isolation, SiteGround is pretty on top of their software, running updates and rolling out patches as need be, meaning you're always going to be operating on the best software. 


SiteGround states that their uptime is 99%. It's actually more like 99.99% - ha.  This uptime is actually unheard of in the shared hosting sector.  Sure, people who spend obscene amounts of money hosting their sites on expensive servers might experience this sort of uptime, but in the shared hosting space... nuh uh. Just not heard of.  Except with SiteGround.  So that should tell you something.

For those who don't know what "uptime" is:  this is the time during which your site is actually up and running and operating as it should be.  Your uptime should be 100% or as close to 100% as possible.  In SiteGround's case, with an uptime of 99%, you're in pretty good hands.


The industry average time for loading is 4,7 seconds.  SiteGround will load your site without cache in 1,7 seconds and with cache in 1,3 seconds.

Pricing, Plans, Options

SiteGround offers 3 different types of hosting plans to users.  

SiteGround Shared Hosting Plans and Pricing

StartUp = the sure choice for beginners who only have one site, and not a ton of traffic.  

GrowBig​ = perfect for those who've had a site before and expect their site to take off (or perhaps you're migrating from another host and you already have some established traffic.  Maybe you have more than one site.  In any case, this plan is the perfect "happy medium" between StartUp and GoGeek.

GoGeek = The ideal plan for the big shots who really do need the extra add-ons that this plan offers.

The great thing here is that SiteGround explains very clearly which plan is ideal for you so that you won't be wasting your money on something you don't need. 

Price wise - SiteGround isn't going to be your cheapest option, but it's one of your best options.  You might be able to squeeze your way into a better short term deal with a competing web host, but you could very well be compromising your site's performance in the long run.  For just a little bit more per month, you'll be ensuring your site is optimized for success... and that it won't experience ridiculous outages.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does SiteGround backup my site and if yes, how often?

A​:  SiteGround will backup your site (if you're on a shared or cloud hosting account) and will keep the backup for up to 30 days for shared hosting and 7 days for cloud hosting.  You're able to restore your own backup from the cPanel if you have the SiteGround Backup Service.  

Q: Are emails included when purchasing the basic, StartUp plan? 

A:​ Yep, you'll get unlimited emails.  Which isn't true for all web hosts.

Q: Is SiteGround easy for beginners to use?

A:​  Yes, definitely. Besides the 24/7 customer service, there are simple, easy-to-follow instructions for setup and installation.


SiteGround is the sure choice for people looking for a reputable web host who will deliver great results without hidden costs and scams.  You can rest assured that your site will run with minimal downtime, quick speeds, and securely (without risk of breaches and hacks).  You'll receive top quality hosting at a fraction of the cost that most people would pay for a dedicated hosting service. SiteGround offers a great balance between quality and price, and it couldn't be more relieving. We're tired of hosting services that blast us with empty promises they don't follow through on. SiteGround is a breath of fresh air, for sure. For more details on packages, pricing and features, click the learn more link below.

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