Your Complete Launch Task List in 10 Seconds

Launch List - one time payment $37

"Launch List" is a magical spreadsheet that will generate a totally custom and step-by-step launch task list for you within seconds to help you master your next digital product launch!
For: anyone who needs a step-by-step roadmap for launching a digital product. Ideal for people who do not want to reinvent the wheel and are looking to save time and get faster results

Digital Product Promo Kit

Promo Kit - one time payment $37

The Digital Product Promo Kit was created so that you can use ready-made, easy-to-use templates to help your product get the attention it deserves. The kit includes professionally designed Canva Templates to promote your launch event, your product, your testimonials and case studies, and to host a webinar. It also includes copy scripts, content prompts, and more.
For: anyone who is worried that they aren't promoting their product in the right way and won't have anyone buy. This will help you make sure you don't launch to crickets. 

Create & Launch Your Digital Product in 90 Days with Rebel Boss U!

Rebel Boss University - Membership Site - $79/month

Rebel Boss University is a monthly membership site that contains the one-of-a-kind 90-day roadmap to your first digital product creation AND launch. The roadmap contains step by step instructions for how to have a successful product launch - video, worksheet, and ebook content included.

Members also get access to weekly coaching calls and monthly masterminds to ensure accountability and support every step of the way!

For: creative women who want to learn how to turn their passion into a digital product they can sell online. Also ideal to help women who already have digital products learn how to sell them better!

Turn your New Leads into Immediate Customers with a tripwire offer!

Instant Customers Course - $97

Instant Customers Course teaches you how to turn your brand new leads (email subscribers) into instant customers within minutes of them signing up to your email list with a TRIPWIRE OFFER. 

This course includes tech-tutorials, information on how and why you'd want to setup a tripwire, in addition to access to graphic resources and templates that will make the process as simple as possible! Your tripwire could be setup within hours of enrolling in this course!
For: anyone who wants to make quick, passive income with a low-cost digital product. Ideal for freelancers, creative entrepreneurs, anyone growing an email list.

The Magic Spreadsheet That will Help you Mastermind Your Launch Revenue and Plan Your Launch based on Your Numbers

Product Launch Planner Spreadsheet & info Sheet - $47

A pre-programmed spreadsheet that will churn out the numbers you need to know before you plan out your product launch. Input your product price, your revenue goals, and your current list size - the spreadsheet and info sheet will do the rest to give you the information you need to be successful.

With the Product Launch Planner, you will learn:

>> How your product price will affect your revenue goals <<

>> How your list size will impact results (and what to do about it) <<

>> How your conversion rate will influence results (and how to change your rate) <<


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