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September 2016 Income Report

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How is it already October? How does time fly so quickly? How am I already writing this September 2016 income report?!

This month was another great month filled with improvement. See for yourself! 

$ 1115.00 September 2016 Income

42% increase from last month's income report >> Learn how I did it

I spent a lot of time building websites this month for clients, which means I spent a lot of time having fun. Building websites has grown into an awesome hobby and I’m really enjoying myself. It’s like being paid to play with toys. Super cool.

Check out a few of the sites I created in the past month:

Here's one for an SEO company, MaddenSEO. ​

Here's one for my Dad - I love the fall colors in this design. 

​A few other website projects are still in progress and I'm not able to share those yet. Hopefully soon!

I also continued writing content for some sites (articles, blogs, ghost written copy, etc).  ​

Here are a few lessons learned this month:

1. Don’t be afraid to say no to a client when the required work is not worth the money.

My portfolio has grown substantially in the past few weeks, and I’ve learned to price out my time and projects (especially the fixed bid projects) much better. But this wasn’t always intuitive to me. Sometimes projects are just NOT worth your money in the end, especially when you have more lucrative engagements in queue. So, while the little voice in my head just wants to give everyone what they want at the price they want, I’ve learned to say "no thanks" and move on to the next thing.

2. Take TIME scoping projects out before proposing a price.

This ties into the above very closely. I’ve said yes to projects before thinking I fully understood the requirements. But when the client starts rambling on about a list of things they want that you weren’t aware of when you originally quoted them, things can change very quickly. Careful scoping is extremely important to provide an accurate quote up front. That said, when a client appears to take advantage of you and a fixed bid project, be sure you have parameters in place to highlight that their request was NOT a part of the original project requirements, and that it can be provided at an additional cost.

3. Dedicate time to prospecting new clients.

I mentioned this earlier. But I sort of panicked at the beginning of September because I had a few projects finish and didn’t have any additional projects lined up. So I hustled and it worked out in the end. Now I learned my lesson. Dedicate time each week to prospecting your next project. Now that I have a better handle on my time management, and project delivery, it’s easier to predict how long it will take me to finish something and how many projects I can manage at once. All of this tied in together allows me to put on my sales guy hat and start landing some more clients.

Wrapping it up... 

Overall, I’m happy with my progress. A few months ago, I released my first ever income report (June income report – go now) and here I am making MUCH more money. I know 1k doesn't seem like that much to people who have a regular salary coming in biweekly... but this is new territory for me and it shows how much progress I've made in a short period of time.  

My September 2016 Income Report is just further proof that I’m doing the right thing. It’s definitely an exciting time in my life and I'm just trying to enjoy every minute of it! 

If you’re interested in learning the details behind how I started doing what I’m doing now, pass me your email and I get you that information. I’ll send you a few emails over a period of 5 days in the form of “lessons”. It’s very informal, but it will definitely give you a closer look into my mindset, my process, my goals, objectives… all that good stuff.

I put a name on it, too. Since this is my first income report over $1,000 – I titled it $0 - $1000 – How to Make Money Freelancing in 90 days or less. Click here to submit your email address to me and I’ll get the first “lesson” over to your inbox shortly thereafter or, learn more here

See you next month!

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  • You should be proud!

    There’s something so satisfying about not having to rely on a “boss” to get paid, isn’t there? I remember my first months of freelancing. Every dollar I made seemed magical. I did it all on my own!

    You’ve done well, Eden. Keep it up.


    • Brent,

      Thanks so much for the support! I know it’s not a lot of money but, like you said, every dollar you earn on your own is so validating. I plan to continue and will be publishing October soon!


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