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7 Reasons You’re Not Getting Email Subscribers

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You need an email list… blah blah blah… you get it.

But what about when you KNOW you need an email list but you just CAN’T figure out how to get subscribers?

Listen, we’ve all been there.

We put in a ton of work and it feels like all that energy just goes right to waste when no one actually signs up for the list.

There’s no worse feeling than not being rewarded for your efforts.

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But, in my experience working with countless bloggers who are trying to grow their email lists… there’s almost always a reason you’re not getting subscribers.

And I bet you it’s one of the below reasons.

So let’s take a quick visit to the email list doctor to diagnose exactly what the problem is and figure out some ways for you to fix it.

1. You don’t have a freebie offer

​[clickToTweet tweet="People don't just give their email addresses away so easily these days #emaillist #emailmarketing" quote="People don't just give their email addresses away so easily these days #emaillist #emailmarketing"]

This is a no-brainer reason why you’re not getting anyone to sign up for your email list.

These days, people don’t just give you their email address for the sake of giving you their email address. You have to entice them to give their address to you.

That’s the premise behind a freebie… it’s free value that you give over to people in exchange for their email address.

No one (besides your mom and grandma) are going to sign up for an opt-in form that says “sign up here to get my monthly newsletter!”

We all get inundated with emails, there’s really no reason we’d ever willingly sign up for more of that nonsense!

But the offer, “Grab your free ebook on xyz” sounds a WHOLE lot more exciting. It doesn’t feel like they’re signing up for a newsletter, it just feels like they’re signing up for a free gift, which in a sense, they are!

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2.You don’t have an enticing freebie offer

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Let’s say you DO have a freebie… but still, no one is signing up for it. The problem could be that your freebie sucks.

Sorry if that was a bit harsh, but I’m a transparent person and, in all seriousness, I’d rather you hear that your freebie might be weak than just tip-toe around the issue and have you thinking it’s all fine and dandy when it’s not.

As mentioned earlier, people don’t just give away their email so easily these days. Your offer has to be ENTICING. It has to really make people think to themselves, “Yeah, I really really really want that.”

So ask yourself that tough question… does your freebie really seem enticing enough? Are you actually offering something that people are interested in?

If not, you have some work to do.

3. Your freebie offer has nothing to do with your blog posts

[clickToTweet tweet="Your freebie needs to RELATE to your blog post content... otherwise it won't covert! Learn more >" quote="Your freebie needs to RELATE to your blog post content... otherwise it won't covert!"]

As a blogger, you spend an enormous amount of time creating blog posts and promoting them all across the web.

And, since you know that growing your email list is important, you scatter opt-in forms all throughout your site; in your side bar, at the bottom of your blog posts, and even in-line with your blog post text.

But here’s the problem: if your freebie offer has NOTHING to do with your blog post content, chances are people will NOT sign up for it.

Imagine you write a paleo blog (the caveman diet). If you have an opt-in offer advertising your “how to start a blog” email course… no one is going to sign up.


Because they’re interested in eating paleo… not in starting a blog.

Your freebie MUST RELATE, at least somewhat, to your blog post content. Otherwise you’ll have very few conversions.

4. You don’t have a landing page for your freebie

A landing page is a designated page on your site that advertises your freebie offer. It describes your freebie, it appeals to the ideal audience, and it explains what’s included and why it’s valuable.

There is no menu or footer on a landing page… the only call to action on the page is the call to sign up for the freebie.

A landing page is important and critical but it has its own unique URL meaning you can share it on social media (you can’t so easily share a link to a form).

If you don’t have a landing page for your freebie, chances are you haven’t shared your freebie online nearly as much as you should be… and that could be cause for low subscription rates!

5. You’re not promoting your blog posts enough

Do you spend enough time scheduling posts to social media promoting your blog posts?

One of the best ways to get subscribers is to drive traffic to relevant blog posts. Those blog posts should display opt-in forms to your freebie.

The more qualified traffic you get to your blog posts, the more likely it is that you’ll get new subscribers. So if you’re not spending enough time promoting your blog posts, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity for new email subscribers.

6. Your form/landing page is not appealing

Earlier we talked about not having a landing page.

But it’s also a considerable problem if your landing page is not appealing or visually stimulating.

Make sure that your landing page is presentable.

Does the headline call out to your ideal audience?

Did you include a description of the freebie?

Did you share how your freebie will help solve a problem or fill a need?

Did you include a mock-up graphic of your freebie?

Head to the landing pages on your site and ensure that they really are as visually appealing as they can possibly be. They don’t need to be fancy or elaborate, but they do need to meet basic criteria.

7. You haven’t found your tribe

You have a great freebie offer, you have a stellar landing page, you promote your freebie and your blog posts as much as you should be… so what gives? Why isn’t anyone signing up?

Well, it could be that you haven’t found your tribe. You may be promoting your stuff in all the wrong places. You haven’t found your tribe.

This is a very common problem, and it’s probably the number one reason why many people don’t get the number of subscribers they’re hoping for.

Do some homework to find your audience. I purchased a budget-friendly course to help me achieve this and it was a total game changer.

Final Thoughts

Despite the obvious difficulty of growing an email list, there are many things that you can do to ensure you’re not screwing yourself out of new subscribers.

Be sure you have an enticing freebie, and that you’re advertising your freebie offers well throughout your site in opt-in forms but also through landing pages.

Spend the appropriate amount of time promoting your freebie and blog posts online so that you can drive qualified targeted traffic to your site.

And, if all that doesn’t work, be sure that you’ve found your tribe. If you’re struggling to find your audience, go out of your way to be sure you prioritize that above everything else. Getting in front of your target audience is the single most important thing you need to do as a blogger.

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