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Can You Pre-Sell a new Unmade Digital Product Using a Low Cost Tripwire Offer?!

Alright, let me dish out the tea for you here.

I’ve had an idea about a specific product for quite some time. Actually, a year ago almost to the day, I sent out an email to my list about the idea and started a waitlist for it – and the replies saying YES I NEED THIS were strong.

So naturally, what did I do?

I didn’t make it. UGH.

Why? I don’t know.

Have you ever felt like sometimes when you have a grand idea for something and it’s a damn good idea that you often feel a lot of resistance around that idea? Maybe it’s a bit woo of a concept, but that has been true for me.

So I kind of just pushed it off.

Well here we are one year later and I just KNEW that THIS was the year I was going to finally brush the dust off this idea and make it happen.

So that’s what I did.

About the digital product

One night I worked from like 8pm – 10pm (10/10 do not recommend doing this unless you’re okay being so wired that you won’t sleep a wink all night long after this) and I banged out iteration one of this bomb new product. I want to be clear that iteration 1 was far from complete. It was just the skeleton vision for what I wanted it to become.

Now, I’m not great at naming things (just ask my unborn unnamed fetus) but the product is called the Everything is Here business emergency planner.

Now of course this blog isn’t really about the product (more so the strategy around getting it out there) but to give you a quick scoop on it so you’re not completely clueless:

The Everything is Here planner is a spreadsheeet (and future printable) that serves as a central database for all your business critical information (finances, expenses, software, operations, etc) so that if something awful happened to you tomorrow or next week or next year, your business partner, spouse, successor would know where to find everything in order to keep the ship sailing or sell.

For sure, it’s a bit morbid BUT the reality is MOST people don’t have this plan in place and their partners would be CLUELESS about what to do if an emergency occurred. I truly don’t think my husband even knows what I do for a living.

Anyway, that’s the product.

And guess what – it struck a strong chord with my audience.

Testing out the product idea via tripwire

I could have planned out a full launch for this product – but I’m far too impatient of a person to wait that long. So what did I do instead?

I texted my husband and was like, “Hey, do you think I should just get this out there today?!”

Don’t ask me why I texted my husband this – he’s the guy that can’t even tell you what I do for a living. But he was like “for sure, what’s the downside?”

So I took his biz savvy advice haha – and did it!

But not fully – let me explain.

Here’s what went down:

I drafted an email to my list about the CONCEPT of the idea – with a canva mockup for it and with some details of what it’s going to include. I also shared that it IS already in development but not yet finished.

I asked people to sign up for the waitlist to be notified of the official launch.

Then I drafted a quick tripwire sales page.

If you’re like HOLD UP WHAT IS A TRIPWIRE – well, it’s essentially an offer to purchase a low cost product for a limited time at a discounted rate.

I’m quite literally obsessed with tripwires and I actually teach an entire course on how to use them since I think they are a brilliant way to start making money with products. I digress.

You can get my free instant customer guide here to learn about how you can turn leads into instant customers with a tripwire.

Anyway, I setup a quick tripwire page which basically said, “Hey, the product isn’t quite done yet but do you want to be an early adopter of version 1 and get it at the lowest price it will ever be AND get access to future updates AND be able to have a say in what’s included down the line?”

Okay – I didn’t say it in a runon sentence quite like that – but that’s the gist of what was on that page.

I offered it for sale at $17 which is what some of my original product testers suggested was a good starting price point.

I actually couldn’t decide between $14 and $17 but landed no $17 and it felt right for iteration 1.

I added all the key elements for a high converting tripwire on this page (learn more in the instant customer guide).

And then I published that page.

Next, I set it up so that anyone who signed up for my waitlist would be directed to the tripwire sales page.

Proof read my email – and hit SEND.



Within 10 minutes, I had paid for my 8 hour babysitter that day. Within 20 minutes, I doubled that amount.

(Now of course, I do have an email list filled with qualified buyers – and if you don’t have that yet, you’re probably not going to make hundreds of dollars within minutes, BUT the concept still holds true – and if nothing else, I hope this motivates you to continue growing that list.)

Lessons Learned?

First – trust your intuition. There were a few times that I trusted my gut throughout this process.

The first being that I knew I needed to push through the resistance that surrounded the idea. The second being that I should just go for it and connect the waitlist to a tripwire rather than waiting.

Your gut is such a great guide.

Next – Sell a product before it’s finished is A-okay. People don’t care. In fact, maybe people even prefer it?


In this case, I was able to test the price point and the concept in one swoop AND I made a profit (since I spent $0 developing the product, my only “spend” was my time so literally everything earned was profit).

This also proved that tripwires for more than $9 are successful. I had over a 24$ conversion rate in the first 12 hours of this going live. That’s pretty awesome.

Also tripwires CAN bring in decent income for your business even after people are on your list. We mostly hear about them in the format of turning new leads into buyers – but they may even work even better when you turn OLD leads into buyers too? This was a pretty cool finding. Don’t sleep on this.

Moral of the story: If you have an idea you want to test – this is a great way to go about doing it without planning a gigantic launch and writing tons of emails.

You literally just need the product concept, the tripwire sales system, and the guts to follow your gut.

What do you think? Will you give this a try?


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