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The only podcast that focuses on teaching real women how to make money by creating, launching and selling digital products online (ebooks, courses, printables). Hosted by Eden Fried.

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How to Get Your First 100 Subscribers with Teresa Heath-Wareing
Do you have a tiny email list, or barely have anyone on your list besides maybe your mom or your[...]
Raising Babies while Running a Business: How to Stay Sane and Do it All Well with Holly G
Having a kid is transformational in many ways – so how can you run your business when you have little[...]
Strategies to Get Testimonials for Your New Digital Product
Testimonials are critical to launch any digital product. But how can you get testimonials for a product that you haven’t[...]
Graphics You Need to Launch Your Digital Product Promotion
The right graphics are an essential part of any digital product launch. But do the thought of launch graphics make[...]
Boost Instagram Engagement with a Social Media Marketing Plan with Doreen Vanderhart from Knap Creative
Today, we’re continuing our conversation from last week about Instagram. Last week with Natasha Samuel we talked all about Reels.[...]
Mastering Reels on Instagram with Natasha Samuel
Instagram can be one of the best social media platforms that digital product sellers can use to grow and nurture[...]
How this Photographer Added Passive Income by Launching Digital Products with Rachel Greiman
Today we've got another Lazy Launch episode in store for you. Remember, I use the term “lazy launch” in a[...]
PR for Product Sellers with LaKeithea Nicole
I’m sure you’ve heard the term “public relations” before, but what is PR for product sellers? And how the heck[...]
How to Get Started with Day Rates with Sarah Masci
If you run a service-based business and you’re trying to move into the digital product space, you know how hard[...]
How Beta Launching Your Course Imperfectly Will Maximize Results with Steph Woods
There’s nothing harder than putting a digital product out there in the world and feeling like you’re not sure if[...]
How Launch Content Batching Can Aid Your Launch & Save You Time with Amanda Warfield
Let's talk about launch content batching and the many benefits that come from batching your content. I’m sure you’ve heard[...]
Launching a Successful Membership on a Whim with Liz Wilcox
Lazy. Not a word you’d usually think about when it comes to a successful digital product launch let alone launching[...]
Managing Launch Stress + Anxiety with Justine Sones
Welcome back, Rebels! Today, we are focusing on this super sexy topic: managing launch stress and anxiety. I've erred in[...]
Your Guide to Stress-Free Tech and Automation Setup with Angela Tan
In this episode of the Rebel Boss Ladies Podcast, we’re talking about everyone’s favorite topic... tech! But don’t worry! Our[...]
How to Write Like Your Customers Talk Through Voice of Customer Research with Sara Frandina
Have you ever heard someone tell you that you need to write like your customers talk? I'm betting you have.[...]
How to Launch a High Ticket Coaching Program with Tasha Booth
Let’s talk about high ticket coaching programs and how to launch a high ticket coaching program. You’ve seen them -[...]
How & Why to Host a Joint Venture Webinar
When you have a digital product, you’re always going to be on the lookout for ways to generate MORE leads.[...]
How To Design a Website That Will Get You More Product Sales with Jennifer Lyker
On today’s episode of the Rebel Boss Ladies Podcast, we’re talking all about and you can easily design a website[...]
How to Get More Product Sales Using an Affiliate Program with Kelly Morrison
Are you interested in expanding your reach, tapping into new audiences and making more sales? On this episode of the[...]
How I Planned a 3 month Maternity Leave from My Business – The Highs & Lows
Quick trigger warning: this episode starts with the story of how I found out I was pregnant. To read about[...]
Behind the Scenes of my $32,000 Rebel Boss Virtual Summit (May 2020 Launch Debrief)
So what is it *actually* like to organize and run a virtual summit? You’re going to learn all about it[...]
How to Manage Your Product-Based Business with a Team of One with Jordan Gill
Worried about how to juggle your product biz when your team consists of just you? Don't worry, we got you[...]
How to Design a Transformational Online Course Experience so Students Keep Coming Back with Emily Walker
Wondering how to make your online courses actually get your students results that will make them want to come back[...]
How to Create Supremely Effective Sales Pages so People are Persuaded to Buy with Liz Theresa
Worried about your sales page? Worry no more. Today's episode is going to teach you how to write insanely effective[...]
How Elle Earned $31,000 in 2019 from a “Tripwire” Product
On today’s episode of the Rebel Boss Ladies Podcast, we’re talking about Tripwires. And how these products that are usually[...]
Do you need a blog to sell digital products online?
I’ve been asked this question a million times, and it’s an important one. Do you actually need an active blog[...]
How to Pre-Sell a Digital Product Through Focus Groups with Michelle Vroom
What is a focus group, and how the heck can you use one to pre-sell your digital product? On this[...]
How to Make an Extra $150/Month with a Low-Cost Digital Product with Elizabeth Falcigno
Ready to add a few hundred dollars of income from digital products to your business in the easiest way possible?[...]
Real Rebel Series: This First Time Product Creator Launched a $47 eBook and Made Over $1500! with Emily Reiter
Think your audience is too small to launch? Think again. The Real Rebel we’re talking to today launched to an[...]
How to Create Pre-Launch Content That Will Make Your Audience Want to Buy with Danielle Cevallos
Want to learn how to create and set up a complete content pre-launch strategy to position your product launch for[...]
How to Write a Killer Product Launch Email Sequence with Elli Runkles
Does the thought of writing your launch email sequence make you want to scream? Don’t worry, because today you're going[...]
How To Differentiate Your Product in a Crowded Market with Kim Wensel
Worried that the market is too crowded for your digital product to sell correctly? You’re not alone. One of the[...]
How to Create Video Content for Your Online Course with Holly Gillen
Want to create video for your online course or business but don’t know where to start? Feeling nervous about getting[...]
The 5-Step Launch Strategy to Implement When You Have No Email List or Audience
Are you wondering how to launch your digital product when you have literally nobody on your email list or in[...]
Up-to-Date Pinterest Strategies to Help You Get Better Results in LESS time with Cara Chace
Did you know that Pinterest marketing can actually help you step away from your business, have more free time and[...]
How to Make Thousands of Dollars from a Product that Doesn’t Exist with Kristi Monte
Ever wish you could just randomly make several thousand dollars from a non-existent digital product? Well, it is totally possible[...]
How to Come Back to Your Business After a Long Break with Krista Dickson
Did you recently take a long break from your business or are you thinking of taking one in the future?[...]
How Changing Your Product Over Time Can Help Your Business Flourish with Liz Wilcox and Camille Attell
On this episode of the Rebel Boss Ladies Podcast, we’re featuring two guests who are going to share their personal[...]
Writing and Self-Publishing an eBook with Ana Savuica
There are lots of digital product options out there, but why not stick to what you know and love if[...]
How She Built Up Her Biz Enough to Quit Her Job with Shannon Mattern
Eager to quit your job but don't have the funds to make it happen? This is the perfect episode for[...]
How to Build a Business that Lights You Up with Kathryn Binkley
What does it mean to build a business that lights you up? It means building a business to support the[...]
How to Master the 5-Day Challenge Launch with Zach Spuckler
What’s your favorite way to launch your digital products? For Zach Spuckler, the answer to that question is easy. He[...]
Why It’s Important to Take Risks in Your Business and Life with Hayley Luckadoo
Have you ever taken a risk when it comes to your business? Even though it can feel terrifying, facing these[...]
Understanding Your Marketing Personality to Help Your Business Thrive with Brit Kolo
Understanding your personality type can have a really powerful impact on your business, and can help you structure a high[...]
How to Land Speaking Gigs to Promote Your Digital Product with Jessica Rasdall
Public speaking can help you gain more credibility, get more leads and sell more products. But sometimes, if can also[...]
How to Create a HECK YES Digital Product Offer for Your Dreamy Client with Reina Pomeroy
Every product seller's worst nightmare is launching and getting zero sales. So how do you prevent that? How do you[...]
How to Use Asana to Plan Your Digital Product Launch with Jenny Suneson
Staying organized as an online entrepreneur can sometimes be a nightmare. How do you keep track and manage all of[...]
How this First-Time Online Course Creator Made 13k from Her Launch with Liz Wilcox
Hey there, Rebels! Get ready for an absolutely amazing story in today’s episode. In episode 023 of the Rebel Boss[...]
Top 6 Favorite Digital Product Tools To Help You Create & Sell
Hey there Rebels! On today’s episode of the Rebel Boss Ladies Podcast, we’re going to talk about some of my[...]
Should You Run a Virtual Summit? Everything You Need to Know
Hey Rebels! Today we're talking all things virtual summits, the good, the bad and the beautiful. In episode 021 of[...]
A Complete Review: How I Planned & Launched a $16,000 Virtual Summit
Want to run a virtual summit? Then today’s episode of Rebel Boss Ladies Podcast is for you. Today’s episode is[...]
How Chelsea Made $11,000+ from a Spontaneous $19 Product Launch with Chelsea Brennan
Imagine: you come up with the idea for a digital product and create it in just a few days. Then[...]
How to Use a Content Planning System to Sell More with Kat Gaskin of the Content Planner
When it comes to social media, do you have a content planning system? Social media can be SUPER overwhelming if[...]
How & Why To Outsource Work to a VA When Creating a Digital Product with Avani Miriyala
Running your own online business can be A TON of work. You know what I’m talking about - every business[...]
How to Use SEO to Sell More Digital Products with Meg Casebolt
Let’s be honest, SEO can be a pain in the butt. It may seem overwhelming, but our guest today is[...]
From Out of the Job to Full-Time Business Owner: Elley Mae’s Real Rebel Story
Everyone goes through career rough patches… and for Elley Mae, that was when she was let go after working for[...]
5 Tips to Improve Your 5 Day Challenge with Eden Fried
Are you looking to improve your 5 day challenge launch strategy? On today's episode of Rebel Boss Ladies we're talking[...]
How to DIY Your PR and Get More Visibility for Your Brand with Katherine McDermott
Whether you’re a PR pro or just starting to think about pitching yourself, there’s always more you can be doing[...]
How to Manage Your Taxes as a Digital Product Seller with Melissa Whaley
Today on Rebel Boss Ladies episode 012, we’re going to talk about the one thing that everyone gets nervous about[...]
How to Get Started Using Facebook Ads to Promote Your Digital Product
Alright I get it, Facebook ad scare the crap out of you. But what if by not using Facebook ads[...]
How Camille Left Her 20+ Year Corporate America Career to Travel Full Time
If you're in need of some inspiration and motivation you're going find it right here and right now. On episode[...]
How to Make Thousands of Dollars in Passive Income on Creative Market with Alysha from Basil & Bark
Have you ever wondered how people make tons of money on Creative Market by selling things like templates, layouts and[...]
How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Digital Products with Andrea Jones
So you have a digital product, but you're not sure how to share it with the world on social media?[...]
3 Steps to Overhaul Your Money Mindset and Earn More Money
Not making the amount of money you'd like to earn in your business? Constantly putting in tons of effort but[...]
How to Create a Super Engaged Instagram Community with a Small Account
Have you ever wondered how to get customers from a tiny Instagram account? Feeling like a tiny Instagram following isn't[...]
How to Turn Your Audience Into Raving Fans Addicted to Throwing Fist-Fulls of Cash At You (RBL004)
You're probably freaking out that no one will buy from you. Am I right? Or at least a little right?[...]
How to Make Room In Your Wallet and Your Schedule for your Business (RBL003)
It's easy to fall privy to the notion that you need a lot of money and a lot of time[...]
Two Kids, Two Businesses, a Full Time Job and She Still Makes Time & Money! How She Does it With Emily McGee
Oh Rebel Boss Ladies, you are going to LOVE this episode. I hopped on a chat with my good friend[...]
How to Launch an Ebook and Make Thousands With Zero Experience
Today's episode is with Liz Wilcox, from The Virtual Campground. Liz created The Virtual Campground as a place for like-minded[...]