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Are Your Pinterest Group Board Requests Ignored? Here are 5 Things You Can Do

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Go with me for a minute.

You request to join group boards but get no response.

You KNOW the secret to success on Pinterest (making money on Pinterest and getting more traffic to your blog) from Pinterest is to join group boards, but no one is responding to your requests. YOU'RE ABOUT TO GO CRAAAZZZYYY.

Does this scenario sound familiar? Is this you?

Don’t be shy, I know you wouldn’t have clicked into this blog post if you didn’t experience this scenario, at least in some capacity.

I’ve been there. Hell, we’ve all been there.

The truth is, you don’t have all that much control over whether or not board creators accept you. So don’t mope over something that’s out of your control. Instead, be strategic. Take action on the things you CAN control… like your next steps. So let's get right to those.

Here are 5 things you can do when no one accepts your request to join group boards

#1 Cry & pull your hair out

So, yeah, here's a glimpse of me in, well... not one of my finest moments.

If you're struggling with securing Pinterest Group Board invitations then I'm sure you can relate, at least in part, to what I must be feeling in that picture. Am I right? 

As tempted as you are to give up, cry and pull your hair out... don't do that.

Yes, you’re frustrated. Yes, it sucks that getting on Pinterest Group Boards isn’t as easy as you’d hoped. But, again, don’t cry over something you don’t have control over!

Okay, fiiiineeee. I’ll let you shed one tear.

Then, on to the real #1…

The real #1: Send a follow-up email

The win is in the follow-up.

Think about it. Email inboxes are FILLED with messages between the time you wake up in the morning to the time you go to sleep at night. And, most of the time, you’re still getting emails while you sleep.

If the group board creator is someone who is particularly busy and well known, chances are they receive tons of emails. Your email can easily get lost in the mix.

If you haven’t heard back from the board creator in 2 weeks or more, it’s safe to send a follow-up note.

Keep it simple. Something like this will do the trick:

Hey so and so!

Just wanted to send you a quick follow-up note to my request to join your Pinterest group board (share a link to the board).

I know you’re busy so figured I’d pop into your email again really quickly. I hope you don’t mind!

I’d love to join your group board __________. Here is my Pinterest email and a link to my account. Let me know if you need anything else from me, so and so.

Talk soon,

Your name

#2: Send a direct message on Pinterest

You sent an email as was instructed in the group board description. But ya got NOTHING in return. Zilch.

Good thing Pinterest has the capability to send a direct message to the group board owner.

Head over to Pinterest, and send that person a quick note.

Hey so and so!

Just wanted to send you a quick note to see if you caught my email a few weeks back requesting to join your group board.

I’m sure you’re inbox is super buys, so figured I’d try and catch you on Pinterest.

I love your content and I also generate content that I know your audience would just love. Looking forward to your reply!

Talk soon,

Your name

#3: Leave a Comment on one of the pins

When all else fails, leaving a comment on a pin is a simple strategy to get the attention of the group board owner.

Step One: Find a pin that the group board owner shared

Step Two: Tag the person in your comment

Step Three: Leave a nice, thoughtful comment and then (at the end) request to join the group board

#4: See if you know any contributors in the group board

Some group board creators enable a feature that allows any existing group board contributors to invite their friends to the board.

So head to the group board you hope to join, and click on the contributor list. Try and see if you recognize any of those people. If you do, send them a message on Pinterest asking if they'll be so kind as to add you to the group board.

Of course, be friendly and patient with your request. Always offer to return the favor. 

#5 Be a butt-kisser (no shame, friends)

You’ve tried other methods – nothing has worked. So how do you get “in” on the Pinterest Group Board action?

Simple. Start networking.

Honestly, you should already be networking with influencers in your niche. Ideally, when you started your blog, you sat down, identified top blogs in your niche, made a list of at least 10 of those, introduced yourself to the bloggers at those sites (via email, twitter, anything) and then started to engage with them via blog commenting, regularly sharing their posts… that sort of thing.

If you’re thinking to yourself, “Well crap, I don’t do any of those things, Eden” my response to you is, “Well get on that, friend!”

Networking with influencers is a critical element of blogging well and making connections. The best time to start is yesterday. But if you didn’t start yesterday, today works too.

A great way to get on a Pinterest Group Board is to actually connect with the person who created that group board.

Start sharing their content, comment on their blog posts, reply to their tweets, hop on their email list and reply to their messages. Once you have an established connection with them, they’ll be more inclined to let you on the board! Plus, you’ll have a new friend in your corner, too.

Final thoughts

Just because you may not have seen the responses you’d hoped for when you sent a request to join a group board (or several) doesn’t mean you should roll over.

Spend some time advocating! If your content is good, chances are you’ll see some favorable replies.

Have you tried any of these methods? I want to hear what works for you so drop me a line in the comments below.