October 2016 Income Report

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$ 1200.00 October 2016 Income

Thoughts on my October 2016 Income Report

Another month gone. Seriously, where does the time go?  I started this journey in June and it really does seem like that was just yesterday. 

I didn't increase my monthly earnings too much this month.  Actually, this month was a true lesson in "don't let yourself get scammed".  

It really does suck to be scammed.

I'm not letting myself get too hung up on it, though. It's all apart of the experience. I AM, however, making sure it never happens again. 

I won't bore you with all the details, but I will say this:  upfront deposits are no longer negotiable for me.  I've been a bit too forgiving and passive on this front.  No more.  

Upfront deposits are no longer negotiable #freelance #freelancelife

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​Anyway, lesson learned. Just keep swimming.

So, that was my "thorn" for the month.  Here are a couple roses. 

  • ​I spent the month networking with other successful freelancers. Shout out to Brent Jones who graciously allowed me to guest post on his site and interviewed me for his show "Better Freelancing".  How cool is that? Seriously, check him out. He's doing really awesome things. 
  • The flexibility of my freelancing career allowed me to make the hop, skip and jump back over the ocean to visit my brand new NEPHEW for two weeks in Budapest, Hungary.  He's the most amazing little human being ever and I'm totally in love with him.  I'm an aunt!! How cool is that?!
  • I met some awesome freelancers who contributed to my blog with stellar guest posts. Check out Cassie Owoc's guest post on overcoming your freelance fears and also Melanie Kernodle's guest post on writing blogs clients will love. P.S. you can contribute to my blog, too! Just get in touch and we'll talk details.

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Enough banter - if you're interested in getting started, let me know.  There are no strings attached, seriously. 

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Anyway, the trek continues. See you next month! And don't forget to let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • Eden,

    “…upfront deposits are no longer negotiable for me.”

    ^ Yes! Finally.

    This has always been non-negotiable for me. Fees are due upfront and in full before I start working. I’ve never had a client turn down working with me as a result of this.

    When questioned, I keep my explanation simple… I’m a one-man show. I don’t have time to chase down payment. I don’t have a legal team. I don’t have a collection department. I don’t force my clients to sign contracts because — let’s be honest — they’re almost entirely non-enforceable anyway.

    So, I’ll provide references. I’ll talk you in person by video call. Several times, if you wish. I’ll split my fee into weekly payments, if you’d like. But I will not start until I have been paid.

    Saves a lot of headaches.

    Thanks for the mention, Eden. Let me know if I can help you in any way. I look forward to publishing your episode of Better Freelancing. And keep being awesome!


    • Brent,

      You’re totally right. It’s better all around to collect fees upfront. I honestly don’t know why I didn’t take that approach initially! Anyway, I know better for the future!!


  • Its Good to know, some kind of inspiration to move forward with my current ideas. I started blogging since 2014 but still I’m a newbie.
    Abhilash PS recently posted…Natural attractions of Pathanamthitta

    • Keep working at it – good for you!


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