November 2016 Income Report

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$ 1456.00 November 2016 Income

December already?  Must be some sort of joke.

November was a tough month for me. I felt my motivation dull a bit (full disclosure here) and was distracted by other "stuff". 

In any case, I still made money and some progress.  And I'm feel extra motivated now to bring the year to a close on a strong note. The momentum is definitely there.

But I'm actually taking a different approach to this income report.  I want to take the opportunity to talk a bit about what I'm doing, why I'm doing it, and my longterm goals.  

So let's dive in.

It's been over 6 months since I started this thing (I know, crazy how time flies) and published my first income report. Since then, I've not only drastically improved, but I've also learned a few things along the way: 

  • I really enjoy writing
  • I enjoy making websites (a bit nerdy, admittedly)
  • Not everyone is nice to freelancers
  • I like the freedom of freelancing, but I don't want to be a freelancer forever
  • My short-term goal is not to be rich

​I've had a lot of opportunities arise recently that would drastically improve my income, many of which have sprouted due to my recent blogging and marketing efforts.  

I call these opportunities "shiny toys" because that's exactly what they are - they look awesome and, in all honesty, I'm drawn to them.  Why wouldn't a be drawn to a nice, new, fancy, cool shiny toy?

About 30% of me wants to grab the shiny toy and make it my own, the other 70% says, "Walk away, Eden, it's not my toy to grab."

If I were to take all these shiny toy offers, I'd be derailing my focus from my own site and my own goals, to that of someone else.  I'm all for helping people out, but I do also believe that it's okay to be a tad selfish.  I'm at the point in my life where I think it's okay to spend some time on my self and to point some energy towards making my goals a reality (even at the expense of my income).

So that's why I'm living a 50/50 life now.  

50% of my time is dedicated to me and my personal ventures (this website).  The remaining 50% of my time is dedicated to my clients, working only on projects that I find particularly exciting, uniquely challenging, or meaningful in someway.  

Flexibility really is priceless. Spend 50% of your time on clients and 50% on you

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What does this roughly translate to?  It means I'm not striking it rich anytime soon, and that's totally okay with me.  I'm earning enough money to pay the bills, to invest in some new business ventures, to work on projects I enjoy, to develop my own site and to establish a strong foundation for myself down the line. Flexibility to build my own dreams really is priceless. 

​What's keeping me motivated?

Good question. 

I think it's all the incredibly supportive people in my life who have reached out to me.  

Recently I started receiving a ton of messages from people on Facebook, LinkedIn, through texts, and some through random emails. These messages are, in large part, coming from people who I barely knew or who I lost touch with ages ago.

It's awesome to hear from people, especially when they're just dropping by to say they gained something meaningful from my blog.  

Here is a message from someone on LinkedIn - made my day on Monday (which happened to be a really

I'm really lucky to have a supportive network out there.  It definitely keeps the momentum going.

New Projects in Queue

The to-do lists are endless with so many things going on, so really prioritizing becomes a major.... priority.  (In my head, that was funny.)

I've made it my goal to start being a bit more active on social media. So, effective immediately, I'm going to be more active on social media! Figures.

I'll be sharing my own content in addition to other articles I find informative, actionable, and insightful.  

It would mean the world if you took part in this journey by following me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google Plus!​

I also decided to start posting a weekly quote - a dose of "edensanity", if you will.  These quotes are intended to be thought provoking and meaningful. 

I would love for you to let me know what you think and how you resonate with them! Feel free to share, as well. 

But - honestly - you have to tell me ....

Do you read edensanity as eden-sanity, or ed-insanity. Let me know... this is important stuff, you see.

Other Happenings

This month I was published on My Adaptable Career - "How to Organize Your Life and Your Business With Trello"​

I also had an article published on WomensRunning online - this was super cool!  ​

I was also featured as an expert blogger on christopherjanb.com - read it here!

I have a number of posts publishing in the next month or so across the web - I'm excited to see my name in "print" more!  I will share those links as they release.  

Exciting things still yet to come, so stay tuned!

For now, enjoy the beginning of the end... of 2016!


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  • Fantastic stuff, Eden. Truly fantastic.
    As i read the article, I couldn’t help but compare your situation to my own.

    My daily life is split between my own ventures and a select few clients that I work with on a monthly basis. I am also highly motivated by all the people that reach out to me and those that I can genuinely help in return.

    As 2017 rolls in, my #1 goal is to dedicate more time to my ventures and bring the business to new levels.

    Keep kicking butt, Eden, I can tell that’s what you were born to do, lol.

    Elvis Michael recently posted…5 Great Apps for Freelance Writers

    • Thanks, Elvis! I appreciate your comment and feedback! It’s a good time of year to start setting goals for the next 12 months. Fresh start and lots of opportunities!

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