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My 2016 Year in Review

It's finally December and I've been planning this 2016 Year in Review for quite some time now.  Actually, I thought of the idea at the end of October when I had one of those days where I felt like the world was spinning, so much was changing, and I could hardly decipher where I was and how I got there. 

If you're wondering why I didn't just do a Facebook Year in Review... Here's why:

  • I'm a blogger
  • Most of my Facebook posts don't actually capture the in-between moments that make up my life (the insignificant, nameless moments that are really the most meaningful and influential)
  • Facebook posts only show as much as I was willing to share on Facebook. My blog goes deeper. 

So let's start - I'll dive in. 

2016 year in review


Applied to 10 law schools​.

Got accepted to 10 law schools.

That's really it - January wasn't all that thrilling​.


Participated in my first ever 5-week long CrossFit competition.

Did my first "real" pull-up.

Learned I was going to be an Aunt! 

February was awesome 🙂


Celebrated my 23rd birthday with some of my closest friends in NYC.

Visited two law schools in NYC​.

Started training for a half marathon.


Celebrated Passover 2016 with my family. 

Apparently that's it for April.


Ran the Grand Island Half Marathon.

Flew to Israel to spend time with my best friend!

Witnessed my brother get married in Budapest, Hungary. Gained an awesome sister-in-law!

Decided NOT to go to law school & started this blog instead (first blog published in June but the decision not to go to law school was made in May!).

​Traveled back from Budapest to the states.

Got terribly sick with a bacterial infection that wanted to kill me and consequently missed the Buffalo half marathon.


Made my first $60 bucks online.

july income report

Eden Fried.com

Spent 3 weeks at home getting my blog foundation started.

Went Kayaking at Canalside in Buffalo!

july income report

Went to Mississippi Mudds for a nice afternoon on the water (he clearly thinks I smell).

july income report

Celebrated my cousin's bat Mitzvah #LILY2016

july income report

Traveled back to Budapest at the end of the month with my mom and Grandma!


Spent my first night in Budapest with my brothers Jordan, Yale, and my Uncle Jeremy doing super innocent things like playing board games and reading books (see pic).

july income report

Celebrated my Uncle's 50th birthday! 

july income report

Hung out with 2 of my brothers in an awesome city. We worked out and ate a lot. Twas good times. 

Rented a car and took a road trip with my baby brother Yale to Croatia.

Found a field of sunflowers at the border of Hungary and Croatia (had to stop and snap a pic).

Caused a scene at the border of Hungary and Croatia when a bee entered our car. They were not amused.

Dealt with a dead car battery and no cell service in Croatia (no pic for that misery).

Got stuck on a boat in Hvar, Croatia when the anchor got stuck on the sea-floor​.

Took a dip to pass the time.​

​Got yelled at by people in Croatia for cutting the anchor and leaving it on the bottom of the Adriatic Sea.

Cut that part of the trip short, and instead drove to Plitvice Lakes National Park for a two night stay​ - absolutely breathtaking views.

I'm making Croatia sound bad - it really was awesome!​

Learned a lot (A LOT) about my brother, Yale. In his words, "I'm a sharer, Eden". It was nice bonding.

Traveled back home to the states and continued working on my blog.


​Published my July Income Report.

Started building websites for people.

Traveled to Boston to hang with my best friend (again!)

Worlds collided when my two friends got together in Boston (apparently we didn't take pictures).

Took a bus from Boston >> NYC and spent some time with my boyfriend’s family.

Went to my first Mets game.

Grabbed dinner with a friend in NYC.

Drove from NYC to Buffalo.

Next day drove to the Finger Lakes and spent an incredible weekend with my boyfriend.

Stayed in a bed and breakfast right on the lake​.

Explored all the cute shops and ate lots of yummy treats.

Went to Watkins Glen State Park.

Enjoyed some nice hiking time.

Started off the semester right - with some puppy cuddles (had to publicize this gem).


Published my August Income Report.

Counted down the days until my niece or nephew made an appearance.

Celebrated my cousin's Bat Mitzvah (on the same day as my Bat Mitzvah 11 years earlier!) #LAILI2016​

Celebrated my half birthday - those deserve some acknowledgement, too!


Published my September Income Report​.

Woke up to the news my NEPHEW had been born on October 15th.

Traveled to Budapest for the third time this year to meet my nephew (this pic is literally was taken moments after I met him for the first time).

Spent two weeks with little Yossi and soaked up every possible minute with him.  


Published my October Income Report.

Returned to the states after an amazing trip in Europe​.

Voted (via absentee) for Hillary Clinton.

Lived through election day 2016 (barely).

Grieved (a lot) the day after election day 2016.

Ran the Turkey Trot​.

Counted my blessings on Thanksgiving day. Got to see my sister Alyssa!


Published my November Income report​.

Updated parts of my website (home page, hire me section).

Started working on a few new marketing, SEO, projects.

Next week, going on a trip to Long Island/NYC to ring in the New Year down state.

Not Pictured

Things that don't fit in a "month" or "picture"

Dealt with the challenges of transition. All change, whether positive or negative, is stressful. Some days are good, others not so much. 

Started to enjoy a new sense of freedom. I can work anywhere, anytime as a freelancer - it's allowed me to travel more than I ever could have before.

Wrote a lot of blogs. Check them out here.

Didn't get to the gym as much as I would have liked. Used to go 5-6 times per week - now it's more like 3-4. Working on it!

Learned I can do up to 10 real pushups at a time.​ Major victory for me, people.

Started networking with other bloggers/freelancers. It's fun to meet people online who are doing the same or similar thing.  Met a lot of awesome people so far and looking forward to meeting more.

Started making real goals. 2015's theme was rash decisions.  I thought I was going to Teach For America and decided against it. Then, I decided to apply to law school.  I didn't know what I was doing. This year, I really started to figure out who I want to be and what I want to achieve. I'm making real goals for myself both personally and professionally. I know where I'm headed now, even though I'm not quite there yet. 

Final Thoughts

Reflecting on this year has truly been an exercise. It took me longer than expected to dig through the archives and recall everything that has happened, but I'm thrilled I took this mini-project on. It forced me to look back on the year and see how far I've come.  

2016 was a good year.  It was challenging, but good. I discovered a little bit more about myself than I knew in 2015. I tried new things and I stopped listening to judgement as much as I used to in the past.

I traveled a lot more than I ever have. Laughed a lot, cried a lot. Read a lot of books, visited a lot of new places and met some new people.  

I'm counting my blessings and ready to head straight into 2017 full speed ahead. 

Happy (almost) New Year!


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