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March 2017 Income Report – Check out what I earned online this month

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March 2017 Income Report

March started off as a slow month and then suddenly it exploded right in front of my face. As a blogger, life tends to work that way. Expect the unexpected.

Anyway, I spent the majority of the month working to create my brand new ecourses (yes, there are two!) Bread & Butter Blogging and Pinterest Unpuzzled. Both courses launched without a hitch at the beginning of April and I’m so excited to welcome all of the new students!

Launching a course is a lot more work than I originally anticipated so I'm extremely proud of the amount of work I managed to complete and the amount of sales already generated. I've also met a ton of incredible new people throughout this journey and I'm so fortunate for that. I know Bread & Butter Blogging will only continue to bring bloggers together and help them achieve their goals. March may have made me a little crazy, but it was all worth it in the end! 

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Without further ado... here's my March 2017 Income Report: 

$ 4718.59 March 2017 Income
march 2017 blog income report


I'm proud of my February success on the blog. It's grown A LOT and every little bit of progress is something worth celebrating. 

My blogging goals for the month of March were:

  • Grow my Pinterest account from 580 followers to 650 followers - WIN +180. I got to 830 Pinterest Followers by April 1st!
  • Grow my FB group from 200 followers to 450 followers - WIN +140! The group grew to 590 members by April 1st.  Click here to join the group!
  • Source 2 guest posting opportunities for April - FAIL. I have one opportunity.
  • Publish 6 blog posts (this income report, 1 guest post, and 4 of my own blog content). WIN!
  • Grow my email list by 100 subscribers (I've never grown by 100 subscribers in one month so I need to really work hard to make this happen) - WIN! My list grew by 123 subscribers in March, which was totally unexpected! Read how to grow your email list on a budget
  • Finish creating the exclusive ecourse called Bread & Butter Blogging: Master the Art of Blogging for Profit - WIN! I also published Pinterest Unpuzzled, too! 


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April Blog Goals

March was a great month for me to blow Q1 out of the water and truly smash my goals. This month, I'm taking things to the next level with some seriously extreme goals. These are a HUGE reach for me but I'm going to use that as extra motivation to get shit done and prove to myself it's possible to make big changes in only 30 days. If your goals don't make you sweat, they're not big enough goals.

Here are the goals I hope to achieve in April!​

  • Grow my Pinterest account from 830 followers to 1000
  • Grow my Facebook group from 590 followers to 1000​
  • Send weekly emails to my list (Monday Munch)
  • Publish 8 blog posts (2 per week, including 1 income report and 1 guest post)
  • Sell Bread & Butter Blogging at least 10 times
  • Sell Pinterest Unpuzzled 10 times
  • Prep a May giveaway (already in the works!)
  • Create a new opt-in freebie
  • Grow my email list by 130 subscribers

March Blog Income - the numbers

March Blog Income

Total March Blog Income: $5,020.26 

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My March Blog Expenses

Check out the full list of  tools and resources I use for my blog.

Total March Blog Expenses: $301.67


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Major WIN This Month

I managed to publish 6 blog posts WHILE creating Bread & Butter Blogging. For a second there, I thought I might not reach my goal. But I pulled through at the end. This month, I'm kicking it up a notch and pushing myself to publish 8 blog posts. This is definitely a reach for me but I'm excited to see how this increase in blog posts will boost my traffic. 

Another win, I spent a great deal of time working to develop my sales funnels. I spent a bunch of time creating upsells and downsell funnels and I think they will be instrumental in boosting course sales and blog profit. 


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Why I think I was Successful This Month

I spent  A LOT of time networking with my target audience online. I made myself available to answer questions online and via email and I think that's been hugely influential in my affiliate sales and my success in February. When you give value to your readers and followers, they begin to trust you! I operate on that mindset everyday. My number one goal is to provide FREE value to my audience... I really believe this will translate into continued growth on my blog. 

#BlogTip Provide FREE value to your audience -they will thank you later  #BreadandButterBlogging

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Health & Fitness

I was really consistent with the gym this month (besides one week of weakness when my brother came to visit). Otherwise, I was at the gym every week at least 4 times (usually 5 times). 

I also finished the CrossFit open competition and ended the 5 week competition on a high - I finally figured out how to do double-unders (a jump rope movement where the rope goes around twice in one jump). I was ecstatic (though I couldn't walk for 5 days after that) - and I'm really excited for more athletic victories between now and the next CrossFit open in 12 months!

On the Blog in March

I achieved my goal of publishing 6 blog posts in March! Check 'em out for yourself.

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February 2017 Income Report

Final Thoughts

March was crazy but I'm SO ready for April. My goals for this month are huge and they're making me freak out. So, I'm off to work now!

Tell me how March went for you and what goals you hope to achieve in April in the comments!

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