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Sarah Skilton

The support I have both received and given has allowed me to make several online friendships. So many of us have chatted online and offline together to peer review and support each other. My subscriber list at WildDunk Camping has seen a 500% increase thanks to Eden's outstanding content and course mentoring in her List Building Challenge.


Eden’s list-building challenge was just the kick in the pants I needed to move beyond my comfort zone and grow my following. 

Amanda Follett Hosgood

Eden’s list-building challenge was just the kick in the pants I needed to move beyond my comfort zone and grow my following.

Until taking Eden’s course, all I knew about a sales funnel was that it resembled the whirlwind of ideas hurtling around in my head. Blogging is inherently creative and there’s that little high we get from coming up with ideas, but if you can’t pin them down with a plan you’ll just end up chasing your tail. Then, in the midst of this course about digital this and online that, Eden shared a photo of a simple grid she’d sketched explaining the sales funnel. It could have been doodled on a napkin for all I know, but it was my biggest ah-ha! moment of the challenge.

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