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Graphics You Need to Launch Your Digital Product Promotion

The right graphics are an essential part of any digital product launch.

But do the thought of launch graphics make you feel stressed out, either because you’re not graphically inclined (like many of us!) or don’t even know where to start?

Don’t worry, because today’s short and sweet episode of the Rebel Boss Ladies Podcast is going to be all about the promotional graphics you need to launch your digital product. By the end, my goal is for you to have a list of promotional graphics that you should have prepared for both your pre-launch period and your launch week.

The Best Graphic Design Software for Digital Product Creators (in my opinion!)

Quick disclaimer: before we begin, I want you to know that I’m a Canva user through and through. In my opinion, Canva is an exceptional graphic design tool that doesn’t require a ton of knowledge, skill or training, like the Adobe suite.

Canva is free and I personally think it goes relatively unrivaled, for good reason too. It’s one of my most used and favorite business tools.

If you’re nervous about creating graphics because that’s not something you’ve ever tried before or aren’t a “techy” person, I highly recommend getting started with Canva! With a bit of practice, it’ll make your graphics creation easy and looking professional.

1. Launch Event Promotional Graphics

There are lots of graphics you need to launch your digital product. First on the list, launch graphics that promote your actual launch event.

Whether you’re hosting a 5-day challenge, a workshop, a webinar, a virtual summit, launch event graphics you need to launch should include the following:

  • Showcase what the event is;
  • Demonstrate how incredibly transformative the event will be; and
  • Explain how to sign up for the event.

The goal for these graphics is to drive traffic to your event sign up page. After those people sign up for the event, they’ll be in your funnel via email and can then receive regular updates from you about the event. So that’s a win/win for you and for them!

You’ll need a few different versions of each graphic for each different platform.

  • Square Graphics – these will be for your Instagram feed and for Facebook posts
  • Vertical Graphics – these will be for your Instagram stories or possibly for Pinterest

You can select image sizes on Canva that match the correct dimensions of whatever platform you’re creating the graphic for. Also consider what types of images would look best on each platform – a graphic you post on your Instagram stories, for example, may not do well on Pinterest, and vice versa.

When it comes to your Call to Action, ensure that the URL to sign up for your launch event is clear and it’s the ONLY call to action on the graphic – you want to make the sign up process super accessible for anyone who is looking at it!

Finally, you always want to be consistent with your branding across all graphics you create. I recommend creating 4-5 variations of launch event promotional graphics that are square, and 4-5 variations that are vertical, so you can post a variety of images across your social media accounts.

2. Product Promotional Launch Graphics

The second type of launch graphics you need to launch are product promotional graphics. These launch graphics will showcase your product, the transformation your product provides, occasionally the features of your product and how to purchase (the call to action).

Unlike the launch graphics mentioned previously, these won’t be about your launch event. They’ll be focusing on your product specifically and encourage people to go directly to buy your product.

Different types of digital product promotional graphics:

  1. Testimonials – these provide social proof that your product works. You can include an image of a customer and a quote, to demonstrate that others have bought your product, they’re happy with it, and they achieved results
  2. Bonuses – create graphics that highlight the different bonuses that are included with their purchase
  3. Features – highlight the different features of the product and what’s included, whether it’s modules of your course, chapters in your eBook and more that showcase what is included,
  4. Urgency – highlight an aspect of urgency in the offer to join, for example when the cart closes, or when the price is going to be raised
  5. Mockup – these graphics will provide a visual depiction of what’s included in your digital product when purchased

Like all of your launch graphics, you want to be sure these graphics are consistent with your branding and that they have a clear call to action to purchase your product.

When should you share your product promotional graphics?

These graphics will primarily be shared in the warm pre-launch period – this is the 2 weeks leading up to your open cart. You’ll also want to share these graphics during your open cart window to get people to sign up and purchase.

As always, create both square and vertical versions of these for each of your different social media platforms.

Final Tips for Creating Your Digital Product Promo Graphics

I recommend creating graphics for your launch within 30-60 days of your open cart period, that way they’ll be ready for your warm pre-launch period as well as your open cart period.

The great thing about graphics creation is that you can create them once and reuse them over time. As long as you keep track of the file on Canva, you can keep editing and updating them for future launches and as your product evolves. Don’t forget to update them with new testimonials as they change and get better over time!

Digital Product Promo Kits from Rebel Boss

Still unsure about creating your own digital product promo graphics? Don’t worry, there are a lot of templates out there!

If you’re looking for a promo kit with unique branding and range of templates, look no further – we’ve recently rolled out Digital Product Promo Kits that you can adapt on Canva for your own digital products.

Each Digital Product Promo Kit has its own unique branding with matching images, and includes:

  • A webinar slidedeck
  • Ebook template
  • Square and vertical promotional graphics your product
  • Square and Vertical promotional graphics for launch events

You can learn more and grab your own Digital Product Promo Kit today!


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