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June 2017 Income Report

I may earn a commission from the companies mentioned in this post. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers.

June 2017 Income Report

Welcome to my June 2017 Income Report.

If you’re not familiar with me and my story, here’s the short version.

Just over a year ago, I bailed on my plan to head to law school and decided to start a blog instead. Since then, I’ve been documenting my journey of monetizing my site in these income reports.

My May 2017 income report marked a full year of income reporting. I started off earning just $60 per month, and grew that income to $5,000+ per month through selling freelance services, selling digital products, and through affiliate marketing.

In all honesty, at the end of May, I considered whether or not I should put a stop to income reporting. I figured if I was going to stop doing them, May was perfect timing. I’d done it for a complete year with a positive growth trajectory nearly every month. That’s quite the way to go out.

Plus, writing income reports can be a bit cumbersome. Giving readers an open door into my finances still makes me feel incredibly vulnerable no matter how significant my earnings are each month.

Obviously, you know what my decision was considering you’re reading my income report right now.


Why I write income reports

The selfish reason, first

Mostly, I decided to continue publishing income reports for selfish reasons. They hold me accountable. I know that at the beginning of each month I HAVE to share my finances with you.

The fear of embarrassing myself is motivating. So income reports keeps me on my toes and focused to be successful.

The unselfish reason second

Secondly, income reports are good for you.

Now, don’t get me wrong. There are plenty of people in the blogging world who say income reports are shit and you shouldn’t read them.

These people are of the mind that income reports are flashy ways to “sell”. Some say they are lead magnets.

I don’t disagree with these people, but I also don’t think there is anything wrong with flash lead magnets so long as everything within income reports are truthful.

Income reports are a great way to show you what works and what doesn’t work. They are an incredible learning mechanism.

Yes, some income reports contain little to no value. True, I’ll give you that. But my income reports are created to help show you where I’ve succeeded and where I’ve failed so that you can take from my experiences and use that to inform your own.

Who shouldn’t read income reports

Don’t read income reports if you’re the type of person who gets discouraged by other people’s success.

If you read an income report and instantly feel something like, “Shit, I’m never going to get there,” then don’t read them. Plain and simple. Know yourself. If you know income reports don’t help you then please close this tab and find something more productive to do with your time. They are not for everyone, and that’s okay.

June 2017 Income Report - EdenFried.com

June 2017 Income Report – the Numbers

$ 3735.70 June 2017 Income

June Blog Income

Total June Blog Income: $3,959.80

My June Blog Expenses

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Total June Blog Expenses: $224.10



Why I consider June 2017 my best month yet

Here’s something funny for you to mull over – I consider June my BEST financial month yet, but I actually earned WAY LESS than I have been.

By “way less” I mean about $2,000 less.

You probably think I’m insane. How could a month $2,000 in the negatives make me feel good? How could I ever consider this my best financial month yet?

Here’s why:

My goal for blogging is to generate more passive income

In June, I dropped one of my big recurring freelance clients. This meant two things:

1) I suddenly couldn’t count on the safety-net income that this job provided

2) I suddenly had more time to focus on my blog

I consider this change a blessing for me. It motivated me to work smarter, not harder. I redirected a lot of my efforts and it paid off. My passive income increased by 27% in June. That's a huge win!

I have the big picture in mind

Yes, I may have lost a ton of freelance income, BUT the growth of my blog continued to grow during this time. My email list still blossomed, my digital product sales were better than they ever have been, and my social media channels continued to gain new followers (by a lot).

I am taking a macroscopic perspective instead of a microscopic one. The fact is, things fluctuate over time, but so long as the overall growth trajectory is positive, that’s what is important.

Instead of worrying that my income dipped in June, I’m focusing on the fact that my overall growth is positive.

My traffic is growing. My email list is growing. My passive income is growing. Things are trending in the right direction, so just because my freelance income dipped does not mean I need to freak out or worry. That's just how things go sometimes.

Did I reach my June goals?

Grow my Email List by 600 people – fail

I grew my email list by 563 people in June. This is about 200 people less than I grew my list in May. I did not reach my goal of 600 people in June.

Why the drop in June?

I published way less blog posts in June. I took a sudden and unplanned trip to NYC with family for the latter half of June, which totally and completely messed up my plans for the blog.

I’m not blaming anyone or anything other than myself. This was a true lesson in why writing blog posts ahead of time is important.

Typically, I publish 2 blog posts per week, which means I spend quite a bit of time promoting those posts. Since I only published 3 posts as opposed to my typical 8, my blog promotion was WAY down for the month. This translated to a significant drop in subscribers.

I’ve learned my lesson and hope you take something away from this, too. This experience inspired my goal for July – I’ll reveal that in just a bit.

Meet or exceed my digital product sales from June – WIN

So, if you’ve been paying attention to my income reports, you know that I closed enrollment to Bread & Butter Blogging in June (this is my exclusive blogging course that was priced at $97). It used to be an evergreen course but I decided to move it to an open/close format. In June, several new students enrolled in the course so quite a bit of my digital product revenue came from that.

I was nervous heading into July that my revenue from my courses would dip. Suddenly, I only had one product for sale – Pinterest Unpuzzled (priced at $47). How could I ever meet or exceed my digital product sales while only selling a product that’s half the price of the other product I sold?

This was an intimidating goal but I’m happy to report that I met this. Not by a lot, but I still met it.

In May, I made $580.55 by selling both Bread & Butter Blogging AND Pinterest Unpuzzled.

In June, I made $586.70 by selling JUST Pinterest Unpuzzled.

I only beat my goal by $6 but I count this as a major win, especially considering it was all generated from one product priced under $50!

Why did this work?

1. I increased the price to Pinterest Unpuzzled and told my Facebook group about it before the price increase

Blogger Insights contains a ton of people who are interested in growing their traffic and increasing their social media presence. Many of those people struggle with Pinterest. Before increasing the price to Pinterest Unpuzzled, I shared the course with the group and told them that the price would be increasing in x number of days. Many people decided to take advantage of the current price and save themselves some money!

2. Sales funnels

I developed a sales funnel for Pinterest Unpuzzled about a month ago and it’s started to pay off astronomically. I can see based on certain codes in Teachable the exact point in my sales funnel that people decided to make a purchase. This has been extremely informative and it’s indicated to me that evergreen sales funnels DO work if you refine them and target them to the right people. About half of the students who enrolled in June came from my evergreen sales funnel.


Super Scary Goals for July 2017

Setting goals for the upcoming month always makes my heart skip a beat in fear. The best goals are the ones that scare the shit out of you. This upcoming month’s goals definitely make me want to dig a hole in the ground for shelter, pee in my pants, or take a long, long nap. Any of those 3 sound like a great option.

Goal 1: Get 2 months ahead in content

I told you earlier that my June failure inspired a goal for July. It inspired this. I never want to fall so behind again, so this month I’m motivated to get ahead… at least 2 months ahead.

This is going to be so incredibly challenging but I’m going to suck it up and do it anyway. No excuses.

Plus, I have a ton of upcoming travel – I’ll be headed to Florida at the end of July, then to NYC again. Plus I have some upcoming trips with friends and some friends visiting me at some point at the end of this summer. I need to get ahead in order to make sure those distractions don’t come in the way of the blog.

Wish me luck – this is going to be one hard goal to meet.

Goal 2: Earn $2,000 in passive income this month

In June, I earned just over $1300 in passive income. That means I need to really up my game in order to meet the lofty goal of $2,000.

In order to achieve this goal, I know I need to make around $65 per day.

And in order to earn $65 perday, I need to:

  1. Stick to my twice-weekly blogging schedule
  2. Continue my Pinterest strategy
  3. Continue engaging in my Facebook.

I also have a webinar scheduled and lots of other exciting promotions coming up that will help my affiliate income and digital product sales. It’s going to be a good month. The question is, will it be good enough to meet my goal? I’m going to work f’n hard to make that happen.

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Major WIN This Month

I made over $1300 in passive income this month. Holy s%*&, this is something that I've been dreaming about ever since I started blogging just over a year ago. The moral of the story: hard work pays off. Keep working hard, trying new things, refining your strategies, and you will be rewarded. 

Why I think I was Successful This Month

This section is sometimes so hard for me to complete. I had a lot of failures this past month so it’s easy to focus on those and get distracted. But that’s exactly the reason why I force myself to complete this section every income report. Even with lots of failures, there’s always some success – even if it’s minor success. That is worth calling out!

I was successful this month because I learned an important lesson – taking a step away from the blog for a few days is A-OK. My blog won’t combust. I won’t lose my following. Things still naturally grow over time.

This was a good lesson to learn because I really hadn’t taken much of a break from the time my blog really started taking off until now. I’ve been too scared to. So this break was not only great for my sanity, but it also taught me this important lesson. I’ve done hard work to setup a strong foundation for my blog. A few days away wont destroy that foundation. Time off is OKAY.

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Health & Fitness

In June, I focused heavily on only eating natural foods. This was all fine and dandy until I went to NYC – the city of good eats. I actually held strong and only indulged once or twice in some delicious ice cream and pizza.

Fitness wise, I was great, too. I went to the gym consistently. When traveling, I dropped into gyms in NYC or did some workouts in the hotel gym. It’s hard to stick to your fitness goals when traveling. You’re just not in the same mindset as you are while home. So even though I wasn’t perfect, I am still pleased with myself and I feel good – which is the most important thing to me.

Final Thoughts

After 12 full months of income reporting, I'm not entirely sure how I feel about embarking on another full year of sharing my income! But, I'm going to do it anyway. Here's to the next year being even more challenging, rewarding, and profitable than the last! Thanks for tuning into the journey!

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