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What's included?

5 pages of content explaining how to setup a tripwire

You'll get a 5-step process to follow, a checklist for everything you need for a tripwire including tool recommendations, and you're even going to get an example tripwire sales page so you can design your own!

Key ingredients to a high performing tripwire

We know you want to make money from a tripwire offer, so I give you a list of everything that your tripwire needs in order to sell to a high number of subscribers!

Hiya, I'm Eden! I'm a full-time blogger and internet marketer. In less than a year, I turned a nothing blog into a thriving business. These days, I teach creative women how to turn their passions into digital products they can sell online. My goal? Help as many women as possible achieve financial freedom and flexibility, because you shouldn't have to earn a living by working like a slave for someone else! Tripwires are one of the quickest and easiest ways to make money passively online - and they're also incredibly useful, too. Get yours setup today!