Install WordPress on Bluehost: Step-by-Step Guide

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Getting started: a few words before you learn to Install WordPress on Bluehost

While you’ll certainly find that there are many affordable and reputable hosting options available to you, I find that Bluehost is one of the best options to choose. It does exactly what you need it to do and it’s easy to use for beginners. This article will detail exactly the steps you need to take in order to install WordPress on Bluehost.

One of the great things about Bluehost is that they're a certified WordPress host, meaning that WordPress actually recommends Bluehost as one of the best hosting options for WordPress websites.  If you go to the WordPress site, they do concede that there are many hosts that will suffice for your WordPress hosting.  That said, they also hint that WordPress will work the best in certain (hint) *rich* environments.  

We won't dive into debating which host is the best for WordPress. That'll be a topic for another day. For now, let's start outlining how to install WordPress on Bluehost.  

how to install wordpress on bluehost

Before anything else… You need to Purchase Bluehost hosting (link opens in new window).

This is a bit of a no-brainer, but the only way you’re going to successfully install WordPress on Bluehost is to buy it first. If you’re not sure if Bluehost is your ideal option, you can visit the Bluehost website directly or read a full review on their service by clicking here

Once you've purchased hosting, you're ready to move forward with the Bluehost wordpress installation guide.

1. Access your Bluehost account by using the login credentials you chose for yourself while purchasing your hosting plan.  Once you're logged in, you can select "website" from the top menu.  

2.  On the next screen you'll see an option to "install now".  Choose that option!

3.  The next page will prompt you to "get started" - so go ahead and click on "get started". 

4.  In order to install WordPress on Bluehost, you'll have to choose the domain where the installation should take place.

Some people may have many domains to choose from, and others may only have one domain in their account. In any case, this next step prompts you to choose the domain name. You'll likely have to choose between or I'm a fan of the latter, but the choice is yours. Click next when you've made your choice.

5.  On the following page, you'll be prompted to name your site, select a username (this is how you'll log into the WordPress admin dashboard) and decide on a password.   

Save your credentials!! But if you forget to save them and store them someplace safe, no worries because Bluehost will send you an email with your login information after the installation is complete.  

Click the box to agree to their stipulated terms and conditions.  Then submit!

6.  After the WordPress installation on Bluehost is complete, they'll send you an email with guidance on how to login to your new WordPress website. For the record, you'll always be able to access your WordPress admin account by typing in

Click here to create your WordPress website or blog on Bluehost.

Congratulations! You've reached the end of the "How To Install WordPress on Bluehost" guide. Hopefully it was helpful.  For more detailed information on WordPress setup, don't forget to check out the complete website setup guide for WordPress

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