Instagram Stories – Everything You Need to Know to Promote Your Blog

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With the new Instagram update, you've probably seen countless people and organizations using the new functionality to do all sorts of different things to promote their business.  Who's to say you can't do the same?

Those of us with blogs are always looking for awesome ways to connect with our audiences. If Snapchat wasn't doing it for you, Instagram has taken the best of snapchat and infused into into their Instagram stories feature. I'd say that's pretty cool.  ​

What does that mean for you?

However you use the new features, whether you're uploading one screenshot to Instagram stories, or plenty throughout the day, Instagram stories is providing marketers with an entirely new playground to explore. That means more opportunities to engage with your current followers or tap into a new following all together, and more opportunities to build the momentum for your blog, website, or small business.  Win/win for everyone.

There is real power in leveraging #instagram as a promotional tool for your #blog

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Why Instagram Stories?

They're great for the blog marketer.

1. Instagram stories are quick and easy to use – great for the blog promoter with a busy schedule

2. You can feature pictures and videos in your camera roll if they were taken within the last 24 hours

3. You can be risky and experimental with the content – it will disappear soon anyway!

4. You have full visibility into who has viewed your Instagram stories screenshot or video

5. You can easily spruce up your content by writing or drawing on it – much like Snapchat!

6. Tell a story with Instagram stories! Everything you post will appear chronologically to viewers - coolness

How to use Instagram stories?

Show Behind the Scenes

Instagram is all about showing personality and getting an insider look at things. What better way to do that than through a behind the scenes look at what you’re up to? If you’re a blogger, learn how to use Instagram stories to take a video of yourself talking a bit about what you’re doing to prepare for your next post. Or, better yet, use Instagram stories to take a video of you actually submitting the publish button on your newest blog while you narrate in the background. Don’t plan too much; remember your videos and images disappear in 24 hours anyway. Just be raw and honest. Don’t hesitate to build the buzz by giving your followers a sneak peak through your Instagram stories.

Upload blog graphics from your camera roll

Use Instagram stories screenshot capabilities to feature your blog graphics. You can feel free to dress up the image with some of Instagram’s editing functionalities, or you can leave the blog graphic as it is. Just don’t forget that Instagram stories only allow up to upload pictures that were added to your camera roll in the last 24 hours.

Advertise/Build Buzz for other campaigns

Use Instagram Stories to drive traffic and build excitement for campaigns you have going on within other social media platforms. Are you hosting a contest on your website? What about a Facebook Live event? Use Instagram stories to promote your various events going on and stir up some last minute engagement.

Create experimental content

Some may think of the 24 hour disappear rule on Instagram as a downer. If you’re at all marketing minded, you should think of this feature as a positive. Look at it as an opportunity to be experimental and take some risks. You’ll be able to tell very quickly what sort of material works as Instagram stories with your audience and what doesn’t. Test some material out on your Instagram story and if it works out well, use that same approach to spice up your actual Instagram roll strategy.

Final thoughts

Instagram impresses yet again with its update and marketers all over are rejoicing with the new functionality and ability to connect with audiences in a fun and engaging way. Now, we’re all just waiting for the amazing swipe up feature to be rolled out to ALL Instagram users, not just verified accounts. Come on Instagram, let us have it already!

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