How to Increase Pin Impressions by Over 2k in 30 days

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When I started blogging, I thought people would just easily find my blog and I’d pop up at the top of a Google Search.

Easy peasy.

Boy was I wrong!

It only took a week of lurking inside a few blog related Facebook groups to realize that I had my work cut out for me.

It seemed the most asked question in all the Facebook groups was, ‘How do I get people to my blog?’

And there were so many answers to that question but one that stuck out (and surprised me!) was using Pinterest.



Needless to say, there were quite a few things I did not know about Pinterest that I’m super glad to know now!

I wish I could say I googled all my questions and pieced together a Pinterest strategy that was all my own…but truth is - I took the easy route.

I got a course.

Turned out to be the best course I’ve taken so far and the most beneficial because Pinterest is really starting to pay off.

I’ve already told my story of how I tripled my followers in 10 days but I don’t think I’ve touched bases on how I increased my pin impressions by over 2,000% in 30 days.

But first, what’s a pin impression?

Straight from the camel’s mouth (the camel being Pinterest)

“Impressions are the number of times a Pin from your profile has appeared on Pinterest home feeds, category feeds and search. Average monthly viewers include anyone who sees a Pin from your profile on their feeds…Pins with the most impressions usually represent stuff that people are actively looking for.”

Now that we know what a pin impression is, let’s see how to up your game and impress some people…see what I did there? Impress people? LOL.

How to Increase Pin Impressions (my story)

Like I said, I took a course. Pinterest Unpuzzled was created by Eden Fried, you may know her as the founder of the Blogger Insights Facebook group.

Definitely the most affordable Pinterest course out there, which was super important to me as a mom of four, that I didn’t have to go into my life savings to get the course.

And being affordable was only one of the highlights of the course…I actually got way more than my money’s worth and ended each segment with an action step that was simple and to the point.

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I even would say I earned my money back within 3 weeks of making my purchase because I’d grown my email list and my pins were set up for sales success.

I started and completed the course in less than 72 hours. In that short bit of time, I learned how to:

  • Set up a Pinterest Business Account

  • Enable Rich Pins

  • Create BEAUTIFUL pins using Canva (very cost efficient)

  • How to find and join group boards

  • How to use Board Booster to schedule pins and move on with your day

  • How to Pin with a Purpose (A Strategy!)

  • And…How to grow my email list using Pinterest because who isn’t looking for more subscribers!

I learned all of this in 72 hours!

What’s amazing is how EXTREME the results have been.

This are my impressions in May.

They are sad and show that I was reaching no one.

My pins were not being shared, they were not showing up in any feeds or searches…it’s just sad. Look away!

Let’s fast forward to June and it’s a much happier and exciting picture.

This is what happened when I implemented the lessons I learned in Pinterest Unpuzzled.

Some of the most impactful lessons were the easiest things to do!

Created images that scream, ‘Repin Me!’

That means creating beautiful pins that are vertical; which means they’re taller than they are wide. Square pics don’t fly in Pinterest. I used Canva’s Pinterest templates at first to be sure I got them perfectly sized every time!

I also made sure I was using high quality photos to create my pins. Sometimes I used what was in Canva and other times I used stock photos from other sources, like Unsplash.



Let BoardBooster Do the Dirty Work

Ok, ok, it wasn’t dirty work...but it def. took the hard work out of pinning frequently and consistently.

By the way I got BoardBooster for one month free when I started so I didn’t even have to shell out extra bucks to start using Board Booster and seeing these results! Just plain ole’ following the course directions.

Used Some SEO Mojo

One thing a lot of people don’t know is that Pinterest is a search engine, not a social site. That means you still have to deal with god forsaken SEO on this platform, too. I think it’s much easier than anywhere else tho since you can add so many terms people search for to a single image (if you know what you’re doing.)

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Popular saying that apparently is totally true when it comes to Pinterest. Group boards can only make you better. When you join group boards, you’re tapping into that boards following, therefore increasing your reach and upping your chance for a repin. Basically, I borrowed followers and they were re-pinning their little hearts away because I had beautiful pins.

Implementing just those four lessons into my Pinterest game plan made such a difference.

And Eden’s strategies to growing my email subbies and revenue just added to the exciting growth I’ve been able to experience in such a short period of time.

Let’s recap, shall we?

Or maybe you just skipped to the bottom of the post…which is totally fine, that’s why I’m recappin’!

Having a Pinterest strategy in place can mean more traffic, more sales, and more email subbies.

  • Pin Impressions represent how many times your pin is showing up and showing out. It’s how many times it’s appearing in searches and category feeds. You need your pins to show up for people if you expect them to repin or click thru to your blog or product.

  • I increased my pin impressions by 2K% in 30 days. It’s not because I’m a genius. It’s because I took a course. More specifically, I took Eden’s course, Pinterest Unpuzzled, the most affordable and actionable Pinterest course out there.

  • My pin impressions increased after learning how to create beautiful, vertical pins; setting up my free BoardBooster account and started automating my pinning schedule; adding keywords to my pins to increase the chances of being found and borrowing some followers by using group boards.

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With all said and done, have you got a Pinterest trick up your sleeve that you’ve found so much success with? Do you wanna learn some Pinterest tricks and you’re thinking about getting Pinterest Unpuzzled and just got a lingering question before you take the plunge?

Either way…drop your thoughts in the comments and let’s chat!

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