Income Report

I recently quit my day job and decided against going to law school.  To keep me motivated and accountable, I've decided to publish my monthly earnings publicly.  Everything you'll see here is generated entirely through freelance work online.  

July 2017 Income Report for my blog
So begins my July 2017 Income report – this is my fourteenth blog earnings report! Isn’t it just insane how[...]
June 2017 Income Report
June 2017 Income ReportWelcome to my June 2017 Income Report.If you’re not familiar with me and my story, here’s the short[...]
May 2017 Income Report
The BackgroundWelcome to my May 2017 Income Report. Here's the cool thing about this report... it's my 12 report meaning[...]
April 2017 Income Report
The BackgroundWelcome to my April 2017 Income Report. I'm really excited to write this report since I'm nearing the end[...]
March 2017 Income Report – Check out what I earned online this month
March 2017 Income ReportMarch started off as a slow month and then suddenly it exploded right in front of my[...]
February 2017 Income Report – See how much money I earned blogging this month
February 2017 Income ReportFebruary was one CRAZY month and I’m super pumped to share my stats with you. Sorry for[...]

This is only the beginning.  Check back each month to view how I'm progressing.  Or, subscribe to the blog to receive notifications.