No more twiddling your thumbs... it's time.

Come up with your digital product idea... TODAY.

This workbook and video lesson will help you come up with your lucrative idea TODAY hands down, no questions asked.

What's included?

30 minute video lesson

This video lesson walks you through the workbook and will coach you (with several examples) on how to come up with your digital product idea.

Fillable workbook

You can either print out the workbook or fill it out right on your computer. Use the workbook in conjunction with the video training and you'll be on your way.

Hiya, I'm Eden! I'm a full-time blogger and internet marketer. In less than a year, I turned a nothing blog into a thriving business. And a large part of my success is due to digital products! Digital products changed my life and provided me with real passive income. Now I teach entrepreneurs how to achieve similar (or greater!!!!) success with digital products on a daily basis. Doesn't that sound fun? That's cuz it is!!