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How to Make Money on Pinterest – the Complete Guide

Dudes, you landed on this post and you’re probably wondering, “Is it even possible? Can I really learn how to make money on Pinterest.”

Orrrr you’re like me and you’re saying “Ef that, it’s not real.”

Oh, but it is.

It certainly is.

But let’s back up and talk basics for a second.

The secret is in Affiliate Marketing

Alright so there’s the little thing called affiliate marketing. If you’re not sure what affiliate marketing is, here’s the general gist.

Have you ever recommended a product or service that you absolutely LOVE to a friend or family member? Have they ever started using it because of your recommendation?

Now, imagine those companies paid you a COMMISSION every time you got a friend or family member to start using their product or service. That’s affiliate marketing.

As an affiliate of a company, you can earn commission for getting the company new paying customers.

Do you see where I’m going here?

Take, for instance, your favorite online course. If your online course runs an affiliate program, you may be able to earn a chunk of money every time you get someone to enroll in that course.


Share your super special “referral link” with your friends and family. When they pay for the course, the company will be able to see it was YOU that referred them through the special link.

And that’s when they’ll reward you with the fancy commission.

But how does this relate to learning how to make money on Pinterest?

So glad you asked…



Simple, 3 step process to making money on Pinterest

1 - Sign up to be an affiliate for your favorite service or product

2 – Create a CUTTEEE pin using a free tool like Canva or whatever your pleasure is

3 – Start Pinning (with your affiliate link).


Make money on Pinterest STEP ONE: Become an affiliate

So I signed up to be an affiliate for this e-book that I bought for $19 (less than most date nights cost me).

It’s called, “How to Make your First Affiliate Sale in Less Than 24 Hours”.

(Guys, it works).

Dude, yes, sign me up. I bought the e-book from a recommendation from a friend that it worked for her, so it should work for me, too. YESS. Anyway, I was impressed so I wanted to recommend the book to other friends/family/readers.

So, now I’m a fancy shmancy affiliate for this e-book. Step one: check.

Earn money on Pinterest STEP TWO: Create the Pin

Now, the truly fun stuff begins.

I’m an affiliate and want to promote the product I LOVE. So I hopped on over to Canva (free graphic design tool – yaaasss!) to create a super cute image.

I clicked "blog graphic" so the dimensions would be good for Pinterest.

how to make money on pinterest

Next I designed this little image right here: 

how to make money on pinterest

I downloaded the image (see top right) and saved it to my computer for easy access to start STEP THREE. 

Finally, step three: Pin the heck out of the Pin

Now that you’ve created your pin and saved it to your computer somewhere, click the gray plus on your Pinterest profile and upload the pin to your board.

how to make money on pinterest

Next, you'll be prompted to upload your image, and choose a destination website. THIS IS WHERE YOUR AFFILIATE LINK GOES!

how to make money on pinterest

After you upload your images, choose the boards you'd like to pin to, and save!

Next, go view your pin and click "Edit" in the top left with the pencil.

how to make money on pinterest

This is where you can change the description of the post (load it with keywords and phrases and make it something eye catching) and make sure your referral link is correct so that you can make money on Pinterest!!

how to make money on pinterest

Streamlining Pinterest to Make More Money​

So, you get the gist, but do you really have all the time in the world to sit down, make a bunch of pins and pin them all day to your boards and to other boards?


So that's where this e-book comes in. ​This author is making over $500/month on Pinterest affiliate links alone.

This resource which cost me less than one date night, does a really good job of guiding you to all the right tools and resources to help automate Pinterest. 

You'll get a simple to understand process that you can easily reuse over and over again without much effort. 

If you want the e-book, check out the details and go for it.



Wrapping it up

So, to answer the question, “Can you make money on Pinterest?” – Yes, you absolutely CAN make money on pinterest. I’m not making this stuff up.

Mayybeee it won’t come within 24 hours, but when you consistently pin images that direct you to your blog posts that have affiliate links, or you pin images that redirect directly to your affiliate product or service page, you’re golden.

Main thing to keep in mind: don’t quit before the magic happens. You’ll make money with Pinterest when you truly dedicate yourself to it.

It’s a proven method and it works – so get started and let me know what you think!

It REALLY is possible to make money on Pinterest. Here's how >> 

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