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How to Launch a High Ticket Coaching Program with Tasha Booth

Let’s talk about high ticket coaching programs and how to launch a high ticket coaching program. You’ve seen them – big, transformational programs offered by famous names in the industry like Amy Porterfield.

Sometimes they cost upwards of five, ten, fifteen thousand dollars – maybe even more.

If you’re like me, you’ve definitely wondered about what kinds of people sell those programs and who’s buying them. You may be considering applying for one yourself or even launching one!

Launching a high ticket coaching program can be an incredible next step for your business. That’s what we’re covering on this episode of the Rebel Boss Ladies Podcast – I hope when you’re finished reading or listening, you’ll have a better understanding of if this kind of program and launch is right for you and your business.

Today I’m so excited to be joined by the incredible Tasha Booth who’s our expert in all things high ticket coaching program launches – what they are, how to launch, and what you need to consider if you’re thinking about launching your own program.

Let’s get started!

Who is Tasha Booth?

Tasha really does it all. She’s an agency owner, coach and podcaster. 

She’s the founder and CEO of the Launch Guild, a course launch support and digital marketing implementation agency supporting established coaches and course creators with course and podcast launches, operations and systems management, content management and more. The whole nine yards! Her team is over 20 members strong and works together to really support their clients to be able to focus on their zones of genius.

Tasha also coaches and mentors VAs, OBMs, and project managers on how to start, grow and scale their own businesses. She’s the host of the How She Did That podcast, a podcast for virtual assistants, online business managers and project managers to learn business and tech tips. 

Truly Tasha does an incredible amount of things, and I couldn’t think of anyone better to talk us through the ins and outs of launching a high ticket coaching program.

What is a High Ticket Coaching Program?

Let’s start from the beginning – what do we mean when we say “high ticket coaching program” and how do you know it’s right for you?

Tasha says that she considers a high ticket coaching program a five figure investment for your client or customer. It’s a longer program and there’s a really large promised transformation involved.

Usually it’s an offer from more seasoned entrepreneurs. You’re likely to have more success in selling a high ticket coaching program once you’ve already had some experience and some success in your business and now are ready for really keyed in support to take it to the next level.

Think of it in terms of your value ladder – you want to already have launched a course or other lower cost product beforehand, a high ticket coaching program could come next for the people who maybe completed that or are looking for the next level of support from you.

Want to Launch a High Ticket Coaching Program? Here’s How It’s Different from Other Launches

When you’re launching a high ticket coaching program, you’re going to need to consider a different strategy than other types of launches you’ve done before.

Tasha says the first difference you’ll normally see is in the amount of time you need for your launch runway, the time you’re preparing and setting up your launch and warming up your audience. If you want to launch a high ticket coaching program or product, you’ll definitely need more time to nurture your audience and get them warmed up for the offer. 

How to Launch a High Ticket Coaching Program

Normally, the people that are going to be in your high ticket program are people that are already in your community and network. The like and trust factor is already present and already there, but of course you’re asking for a lot more from them to invest in a five figure program. 

You want to make sure that in the time period leading up to your launch, you’re articulating the promised transformation in a real way through your content – make sure you’re starting to lead people to what the next level thing is even months before your launch.

If you’re launching a high ticket product, you should give yourself at the very least 12 weeks (3 months) for your launch runway, if not more – you could even consider 16-20 weeks to make sure you’re really warming up and preparing your audience for your launch.

Launch Events for High Ticket Coaching Programs

Tasha says that another big difference between launching high ticket coaching programs and other products is the type of launch event that you’ll need to have.

In many cases, for lower priced products, a one-off sales event like a webinar or a challenge is the perfect strategy to launch a product.

For high ticket events, you need to make sure you’re giving your potential customer a more in-depth view of what it would be like to work with you in this new, advanced way – which often means planning a multi sales event and having more in-depth conversations with your customers.

How this looks completely depends on you, your personality and where your audience spends time.

Consider what your audience, or those you’re launching to, still need to learn about your offer and the best way to showcase that. It may be a podcast or blog series, which leads into a couple of webinars, and then a challenge – or any order of these things. Throughout all of this you’ll want to be cultivating and nurturing that part of your audience to warm them up with content related to the program you’ll launch.

You want to give your potential customers a couple different touch points in terms of just getting to know you and to understand how you teach the advanced level concepts that they’re going to learn, how it’ll be different from your other material, and give them an opportunity to ask their questions.

Should You Do Sales Calls as a Part of Launch Strategy for High Ticket Coaching Programs?

Some people do include sales calls as a part of their launch strategy for high ticket coaching programs, some don’t.

Tasha does, and she says that she loves sales calls because it gives you an opportunity to get to know people. One of the things that is really, really important about high ticket offers is that you’re getting people that are right for the program and that’s not going to be everybody – sales calls can really help you identify if someone’s right for what you’re offering.

“I never suggest that somebody create a high ticket offer and their sales page lead directly to a checkout page because you don’t know. Yes, the person could have the ten thousand dollars, but they’re just starting out in business. And that’s not going to be supportive for the rest of the members of that group or community. So you really want to make sure that you have the right people in there.” 

When you see “sales calls,” your brain may immediately have jumped to cold calls from annoying telemarketers, but that’s not what we mean here. Sales calls can look a lot of different ways depending on you and your audience.

Try using different platforms to see what feels best for you and see what your community needs. This may be in Instagram DMs or over Zoom. Tasha likes to use Voxer for chats and calls because it lets the customer have some flexibility – they don’t have to be sitting in front of their computer screen and can have the conversation on their own time.

Think through what strategy works best for you, lets you show up as your best self, and aligns with the product that you’re offering. There’s no right answer here, except that you should be having these conversations in advance of the sale to make sure that it’s the right fit for both you and your customer.

Writing the Application for Your High Ticket Coaching Program Launch

As mentioned above, you’re going to want to make sure that even if your customer can afford your program, they’re also the right fit. To do this, you should also make sure you have some kind of application process during your launch.

First, how do you collect applications? Tasha suggests using a program like Typeform – it integrates with the other tech that she and her team uses, but of course you should look for a platform that works best for you and your needs.

When you’re building out the application, there are a few types of questions you want to consider. Tasha suggests thinking through what you’re looking for from participants in your program, and then asking specific questions related to:

  • What kind of revenue threshold do you want them to be at?
  • How many years should they have been in business?
  • What types of businesses are you looking for?

These questions will help you vet immediately whether or not they’re a good fit for your program.

You also want to deepen the questions to make sure that your customer understands that they’re responsible for their own success. Include questions like:

  • What are you expecting from this?
  • What does success in this program look like to you?

These questions will allow you to see if the person has realistic expectations, if they’re willing to put in the work, and what kinds of goals they have, so you can follow up at the end of the program to talk about the success they’ve achieved.

Should you include questions about price in your application? 

Tasha is big on price transparency. It’ll save you and your potential customer a lot of time and energy if you include the price upfront. There’s nothing worse than being a potential customer on a sales call, feeling a lot of excitement and energy around the program, and then getting surprised by a huge price point that you’re unable to afford.

To ask about price, you could phrase it like this:

  • Can you afford the X amount payment or payment plan?

Finding the Right People For Your High Ticket Coaching Program (or Keeping Away the Wrong Ones!)

How to Launch a High Ticket Coaching Program

The key to the success for your high ticket coaching program is not only attracting the right kinds of customers, but also repelling people that aren’t a good fit.

There are a lot of different ways to make sure that the right people are applying and the wrong people aren’t.

Be clear on your sales page about who the program is for and who the program is not for. Don’t be afraid to draw the lines in the sand – you want to curate the types of people joining and the type of community that you want.

This may mean setting up parameters around a certain level of business, types of product they’re selling, or revenue. 

There may also be other things that you’re looking for around the types of people you want in your community, and Tasha advises that you not be afraid to make this clear as well.

“This is an example from Rachel Rogers, and I’m sure some people would disagree. But on her sales page, it says ‘you’re a great fit for this if you miss Obama every day.’ And I love that because it’s like oh, I know or I don’t know if I’m a good fit for this community. And, no matter what it is, that’s what you want your sales pitch to do.”

There’s nothing worse than feeling like the person who paid you shouldn’t have paid you – it’s bad for everyone involved. So make sure you’re making it very clear who will be a good fit from the beginning.

What should you do if you don’t find as many people as you wanted? Say you wanted to find 15 people for your program, but only 6 have signed on?

Tasha says the best thing to do is go for those 6, make it the best experience possible and build those relationships, because those 6 could easily become 10, which could become 15, and so on. Pour yourself into supporting these 6 people and giving them that incredible transformation you’re working towards and they can become your marketing champions in the future.

Required Skills or Prerequisites to Launch a High Ticket Coaching Program

Not everyone may be ready to launch a high ticket coaching program, and that’s okay. But if you’re considering it, there are a few things you should look at to make sure your launch will be more successful.

  1. Look at your value ladder. You want to make sure that there’s a couple of different rungs that people can come in on because the majority of people, even if they’ve never worked with you before and they’re just working with you for the first time in your high ticket offer, they are coming into your community a lot earlier than that. 
  2. Make sure your content is on point and leads to your offer. You want to have your content lined up to lead them to that, making sure that there are other opportunities to learn from you in smaller ways before they get to that big offer is going to be super helpful. 
  3. Seek out opportunities for and commit to your own personal growth. You want to be doing your own leadership work to grow as a leader and as a coach on your own to show up as your best self. 
  4. Mindset is key. There are so many amazing people who have amazing high ticket offers out there and they’re not selling, because they haven’t done the money mindset work and they don’t believe that they can sell something that is ten or twenty or fifty thousand dollars. If you don’t believe you can, you’ll never be able to sell. So make sure you’re mentally onboard 100% before even considering launching your high ticket offer. 

Deciding on Your Price Point

Determining the price of your high ticket program might be the most difficult part of selling it. After you’ve outlined what your program looks like, how are you picking the price?

Tasha recommends really looking at a lot of different factors – your promised deliverables, the transformation, the ROI on your customer’s investment, what’s included in the program and the amount of time you’re spending on it as the coach. All of this can help you figure out the best price point.

Tasha believes that in your gut, you’ll know when the price feels right. But she also says to remember that the number is probably going to change the more times you offer the program.

The first time you offer it, it may be in beta. You’ll be trying things out, seeing what’s working and what’s not working. You can always raise the price for later launches depending on what you learn from your first launch.

When you’re talking about your price with potential customers, make sure you articulate really well the transformation, including the skills, resources, and tools they’ll gain, or what they’ll achieve, to make that transformation happen. The more tangible and clear you can be, the easier it becomes for people to conceive of how they can spend that money.

Next Steps after Selling a High Ticket Coaching Program

So you’ve done it – you launched your high ticket coaching program! What comes next?

There’s a lot more you can offer after your high ticket coaching program. The next step in your value ladder might be VIP days or week long retreats.

How to Launch a High Ticket Coaching Program

Essentially what you can offer next is yourself – selling more access to you for your customer. There are ways that you can do this really well, and Tasha has seen people bring in another fifteen, twenty, twenty-five thousand dollars on offers like this.

The next step is an opportunity to take the transformation that you’re providing for the person and deepen it even more – what this looks like will depend on your business and your customer.

Want to Learn more From Tasha?

You can find Tasha online at her business, The Launch Guild, You can also find her at her website, Don’t forget to follow her on Instagram to soak up more of her awesomeness there!

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