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10 Easy Ways to Grow Your Email List On a Budget

grow your email list on a budget

People always thinking growing an email list is time consuming and expensive. Well, it doesn't have to be.

Yes, it's true... growing an email list can be challenging and, at times, pricey. But there are definitely ways to explode your list without breaking the bank. In fact, most of the time people forget how much reach they can get without even spending a dime.

Trust me, I know from personal experience.

Besides paying for my email service provider, I don't spend any money on growing my list. I haven't needed to yet, and that probably won't change in the near future. 

So, that said, here are 10 easy ways you can grow your email list on a budget. 

1. Advertise your freebie in your email signature.

Hmm - you never thought of that one did you? It's easy and it's free. And every time you send an email to someone, they'll see that super enticing offer and maybe (just maybe) they'll subscribe to your list.

2. Add click to tweet text to your email broadcasts. 

How cool would it be to grow your email list by getting your subscribers to share a tweet directly from an email they received from you? I'll give you a hit: it would be pretty ridiculously cool. 

When your subscribers share your content, it increases the likelihood that other people will see it, and want to join in on the fun that is your email list. Why not give it a try?

3. Share your lead magnet instead of your recent blog posts in blog promo threads.

If you're in any Facebook groups for bloggers, you know that there are often threads each week that allow you to share a link to a recent blog post. Instead of doing that, share a link to your freebie's landing page.

Who knows, some of those people who help promote your site might be interested in subscribing themselves. And even if they don't subscribe themselves, they'll still share the landing page with their social media networks... that's good, too!

4. Link to your freebie on Pinterest.

You create Pinterest images for your blog posts, so create them for your freebies, too! Follow the same pinning schedule for your freebies as you would for any ordinary blog. This will massively explode your email list and it costs nothing.

Here's a group board I'm a member of. The circled pin... that links right to one of my freebies.

5. Collaborate with an influencer in your network.

Consider a trade. Connect with an influencer in your network that you have developed a relationship with. Ask them to share your freebie in exchange for you linking to one of their recent blogs in your next email broadcast. 

In reality, the trade can be anything. Keep in mind that influencers also need to promote themselves, too. So offer them something of value and they'll probably me excited to share your freebie with their audience.

6. Encourage email forwarding.

if your subscribers love your email, chances are they'll want to forward it along to some of their buddies who could benefit from the content, too. Add a forward to a friend link into your emails. Most email service providers have this option built into their technology for you.

7. Host a giveaway.

Never underestimate the excitement of people when they're offered free stuff. Hosting a giveaway is a really great way to grow your email list on a budget. Just be sure you're offering something exciting! You can use rafflecopter to get started. 

8. Lock Your Pinterest Group Board.

I've seen this time and time again: people are locking up their Pinterest Group Boards so that the only way you can request access, is if you've signed up for their email list. It's a free and creative way to grow your subscriber numbers especially now that people are group board hungry! 

9. Host a webinar!

Webinars are always stuffed with valuable information - people are sure to sign up! Use your webinar to strategically grow your email list. Keep in mind that promoting your webinar will work best if you have an established audience, or a place to advertise. 

10. Be bold and ask for emails.

We often get caught up in strategy and forget the simplest tactics to growing your email list. Just ask! If you're creating a really great freebie for bloggers, head over to a group on Facebook and post something. Now, I should warn you, if your post is deemed as spammy, you'll probably be kicked out of the group. So make sure you do this well. Post something like, "I'm looking for feedback on my new freebie (describe what your freebie is). If you're a blogger in X niche, feel free to send me an email at!" 

You'll probably get a nice chunk of emails for that and they'll be targeted, too!

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