Thanks for Signing Up For Free Website Setup

Woohoo! I'm excited, are you?

Follow these steps to get started (Read them all!). I'll be in touch with you once these initial steps are complete! Note that you need to use the Blue Host links in this email in order to be eligible for Free Website Setup.

1. Click here to sign up for Blue Host (this is where I make the commission that allows me to help you set your site up for free). Web Hosting services offer you a place in a server for rent. This is where your website will "live". You can't have a website without a web host.


  • Choose your preferred plan. For the standard blog/small site, you can choose the cheapest option. Remember, you can always choose to upgrade your plan later if need be.

2. Choose your domain name. (if you already own a domain name and only need hosting, fill in the "i have a domain name box)

A domain is the URL for your site, or the address. Personally, I'm a fan of registering "your name" dot com. That's why I have But it's up to you! Read: 10 Reasons Why You Need to Own Your Name Dot Com

Blue Host will notify you if your preferred domain name is already taken. If it is, don't fret (I love that word). Choose a variation of your name, or read my blog (10 Reasons Why You Need to Own Your Name Dot Com), which will detail what to do if your domain name is unavailable.

3. Fill in account details and choose your preferred plan and billing cycle. Note that you get the most discount if you purchase the 36 month option. But I totally understand that this is a lot of money to drop right now (I didn't purchase that option). You'll be fine if you purchase the 12 month or 24 month billing cycle option, as well.

During this step you'll be able to choose additional add-on options. This is OPTIONAL and I don't recommend or suggest any of them unless, of course, you feel you want them. Totally up to you. I would uncheck Site Backup Pro and uncheck the SiteLock Security (unless you think you need them)

4. Review your order and submit payment.

5. Once I get the notification that you're all signed up through clicking my link, I'll get in touch with you to begin consulting with you personally to gain access to your site and to setup WordPress.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Email me: eden [at] fried [dot] com.