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February 2017 Income Report – See how much money I earned blogging this month

I may earn a commission from the companies mentioned in this post. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers.

February 2017 Income Report

February was one CRAZY month and I’m super pumped to share my stats with you. Sorry for the week delay! I spent the majority of February in Florida with family and… well, let’s just say I really needed to catch up on some other pressing work-related items when I got back. Duty calls.

Anyway, February was my strongest passive income month yet. I can’t even tell you how absolutely gratifying it is to get an email while you’re at the pool with family (especially my super cute brand new nephew) and get a notification that someone trusted your word enough to purchase something through an affiliate link on your site. It’s a motivation boost, for sure!

If you're interested in learning more about that sweet taste of victory (what it feels like to earn your first bit of passive income) read how 19 successful bloggers earned their first affiliate sale (+ how much money they are earning now!)​. This was a fun one to write!

Without further ado... here's my February 2017 Income Report: 

$ 4746.03 February 2017 Income
february 2017 income report


I'm proud of my February success on the blog. It's grown A LOT and every little bit of progress is something worth celebrating. 

My blogging goals for the month of February were:

  • Grow to 600 Pinterest Followers - FAIL (Missed by 40 people - I was at 560 Pinterest followers on March 1st)
  • Join 5 more Pinterest Group Boards - WIN
  • Grow to 650 Twitter Followers - FAIL  (I was at 550 Twitter followers on March 1st)
  • Get FB group to 100 members (I was at 77) - WIN (My FB group GREW to 200 members even on March 1st - click here to join the group!)
  • Gain 50 new email subscribers - WIN (I gained 69 subscribers in February!) 
  • Email my list 4 times (once per week) - WIN (I emailed my list 5 times in February)
  • Publish 4 posts (income report, guest post, 2 of my other posts) - WIN  (I published 5 posts)
  • Guest post on 2 sites - FAIL (I guest posted on one site this month)


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March Blog Goals

I have BIG March blog goals for this month and I've already been working hard to reach them. One thing I'm eliminating from my goals is Twitter... I think there's a lot to be said for growing your Twitter traffic, but for me it hasn't been my most successful platform. You can't be an expert in every social media platform. You have to choose a few and work hard to develop those to be the best they can be. For me, I'm choosing to invest of all my social media efforts into Pinterest and Facebook, which are my highest sources of website traffic.

Here are the goals I hope to achieve in March!​

  • Grow my Pinterest account from 580 followers to 650 followers 
  • Grow my FB group from 200 followers to 450 followers (As of March 9th, I'm at 330 group members so I'm getting closer, but the goal is still a reach for me - click here to join the group!)
  • Source 2 guest posting opportunities for April 
  • Publish 6 blog posts (this income report, 1 guest post, and 4 of my own blog content)
  • Grow my email list by 100 subscribers (I've never grown by 100 subscribers in one month so I need to really work hard to make this happen)
  • Finish creating the exclusive ecourse called Bread & Butter Blogging: Master the Art of Blogging for Profit (It will launch on April 1st! - click here to sign up to win FREE access to the ecourse when it launches. I'm giving away 5 free seats. Winners will be announced on March 25th!)

February Blog Income - the numbers

February Blog Income

Total February Blog Income: $5,011.70 

 >> View my January Blog Income Report <<

My February Blog Expenses

  • Send Owl - $15 (this managed the affiliate program for my ebook)
  • Canva for Work - $12
  • ConvertKit (my email service provider) - $30
  • BoardBooster (what I use to put Pinterest on auto-pilot) - $25 
  • Freelancer - $136.67
  • Find Your Tribe Online (ecourse to help bloggers find their audience online) - Purchased the course on sale for $47  (it's on sale now for $67 with code March30 until March 16th!)

Check out the full list of  tools and resources I use for my blog.

Total February Blog Expenses: $265.57


Check out how much $$ Eden made #blogging this month #IncomeReport #BreadandButterBlogging

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Major WIN This Month

I made nearly $500 in passive income this month through affiliate links on the blog. I attribute this success largely to my enrollment in the ecourse Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing (yes, it actually fits perfectly into my niche to promote this course - but you can see from my success this month that the course is actually worth it... highly recommend). If you want to read my review on the affilate ecourse, check that out here

Why I think I was Successful This Month

I spent  A LOT of time networking with my target audience online. I made myself available to answer questions online and via email and I think that's been hugely influential in my affiliate sales and my success in February. When you give value to your readers and followers, they begin to trust you! I operate on that mindset everyday. My number one goal is to provide FREE value to my audience... I really believe this will translate into continued growth on my blog. 

#BlogTip Provide FREE value to your audience -they will thank you later  #BreadandButterBlogging

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Health & Fitness

Sooooo I didn't workout this month as much as last month. I wasn't home for 3 weeks of the month, so that meant I couldn't attend the classes at my home gym. I did go to the gym a handful of times, but I didn't eat super healthy and I didn't workout as much as usual. Bummer, but I'm not making any excuses. I just straight up didn't do it. March will be better!

The cool news is that the CrossFit Open started in February so I competed in the first of 5 workouts! I got to do the workout at a gym in Delray Beach... the upside is that I did the workout in Florida! The downside is that it was humid and over 80 degrees (f) so I had to struggle through the heat and humidity! 

Final Thoughts

March is already turning into a really fun and exciting month. Trying lots of new things and set really high goals. What about you? What are your plans for the month? 

Leave your comments below!

You just read my February 2017 Income Report. Want to travel back in time and read January's?​


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