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I was so shocked at how much I had grown...

I loved this class! It was so straightforward and easy to follow that I felt like I already knew the information (I didn't). After 4 weeks of implementing Eden's strategies, I decided to go back and check my stats, thinking that I had grown some. I was so shocked at how much I had grown that i emailed Eden screenshots right away. Then, over the next two days from that email, my Pinterest traffic exploded. I went from getting 2-10 referrals a day from Pinterest to hundreds. Two days after I sent my progress email, I got over 900 pageviews from Pinterest. This course is well worth the money and one of the best investments I've made in my blog. -

Heather's 3 month growth...

Heather went form 8,000 monthly viewers to over 128,000 monthly viewers

June 2017

July 2017

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