Are you a blogger running a Facebook Group? 

Are you making these 5 horrible, no-no mistakes?!

Check out what NOT to do in your Facebook group. Plus get access to the bonus Facebook Group Admin Checklist!!

Jillian Kirby

Blogger Insights provides the most value to me...

"There are a million blogging Facebook groups, but Eden's Blogger Insights provides the most value to me, and has helped me connect with my only real blogging friends. The community and resources I have found there have pushed me to make my site into so much more than it was, and continue to push me to take bigger risks and expect more of myself. The other members are supportive, friendly, and the best tech support team I could ever ask for. All of the blogging goals I have made, and reached, have been because of this group." -

...definitely stands out among the crowd

"Blogger Insights is one of my go-to Facebook Groups and definitely stands out among the crowd...If I want to know something, ask a question or just vent a little, Blogger Insight is the place I go."-

Angela Tempest
Joscelyn Kate

...there is always someone to answer your questions...

"One of my favorite things about the Blogger Insights Facebook group is that there is always someone there to answer your questions with truly helpful advice! I also love the challenges, especially the list building challenge, because they have motivated me to move my blog to the next level. Thank you [Eden] for all the work you put into such an awesome community!!" -

What's included?


Download this free guide to learn about the 5 mistakes you should avoid making as a Facebook group admin. There is a page of content for each mistake!! It's THAT important.


If you're not sure how to get started or what to focus on as you're launching your Facebook group, this checklist will help you gain some clarity and focus! This is an interactive PDF!

Hiya, I'm Eden! I'm a full-time blogger and internet marketer. In less than a year, I turned a nothing blog into a thriving business. And a large part of my success is due to my Facebook Group, Blogger Insights, which I launched in January 2017. In just 6 months, Blogger Insights grew to be a community of over 14k people. Needless to say, I have a few things to share about Facebook Groups and managing a healthy community. Want in on my secrets? Download this free guide :)