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eHost Review

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Marketing credits given with purchase

eHost Review: Overview

With over 15 years in the field, eHost is a great option for many people out there looking to secure budget web hosting with quality service.  They’re currently offering a 50% discount (click to activate). This eHost review features everything from pricing to cPanel, to uptime stats and more. Check it out for more information, or skip it entirely and head direction to the eHost website. Whichever you chose, don’t rule out eHost – it’s a strong contender (unless you’re looking for something other than shared hosting. eHost is only a shared web host).


  • Affordable pricing
  • Long trial period for you to test their service
  • Contemporary website builder
  • Domain name is free for life
  • Some marketing credits included with purchase
  • Great uptime stats


  • They don't have a dedicated hosting option or VPS, only shared hosting for now
  • Not ideal for sites expecting incredibly high traffic, or for streaming sites

The Verdict

eHost is an extremely affordable shared web hosting service. While it's not for everyone, it is a good option for many people. 

eHost is GOOD for you if...

  1. This is your first website, so you're just learning the ropes
  2. You want to use a drag and drop website builder to create your site
  3. You don't have coding or programming knowledge
  4. You're a student on a budget (or anyone on a budget)
  5. You have a small to mid-size company with standard traffic 
  6. You want to create a portfolio website

​eHost is BAD for you if...

  1. You already have an existing website that has astronomical traffic
  2. You intend to create a streaming site ​

For more information, keep reading the full eHost review.  Or skip the reading all together, and hop on over to the eHost site to get the info directly.


ehost features

eHost includes tons of features when you buy their shared hosting.  

Customer Service

24/7 Live Chat

24/7 Phone Support

24/7 Ticketing Support

It’s typical for most web hosts to offer chat support, phone support, and email support (or ticketing support). eHost follows industry standard but instead of getting the poor quality support that you’ll find over at BlueHost, eHost will actually answer you with the information you need, professionally, and in a timely manner. It’s rather refreshing actually.


eHost provides a number of different security measures to ensure your website and account security will never be breached. They have a secure firewall and security rulesets that safeguard their servers.  They monitor your network with 24/7 security.

Website Builder​

Tools like eHost’s easy-to-use web builder are ideal for beginners who don’t quite have the experience necessary to create a stunning site. eHost has a drag and drop site builder that allows newbies to churn out beautiful sites and custom designs without too much hassle. You’ll be able to choose website builder or normal web hosting on cPanel. cPanel is by far the recommended option, but what you choose will depend on your experience level and goals. See FAQ for more information on this.


eHost offers the industry standard control panel or cPanel. Think of it as like the steering wheel of your web hosting “car”. On your cPanel, you’ll easily be able to navigate around to add things like a CMS (easy install of the popular WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and Magento). You’ll also be able to use the cPanel to add new email accounts and email addresses, and view your site stats.

45 Day Money-Back Guarantee​

45 days.  No, it's not as long as Dreamhost's guarantee period, but still.  With 45 days, you'll get more than enough time to play with eHost and decide if it's right for you with a whopping 45 days.  eHost wants customers to feel sure and confident with their purchase. So they give you 45 days to take their services for a spin. If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, they’ll give you your money back. As always, with any guarantee, be sure to do your part and read the terms and conditions to stay in compliance.


eHost has great uptime stats, especially for a shared host (that is extremely cheap). You’ll find that your site hardly ever (really, it’s true) experiences an outage. If you’re on a website builder account, uptime stats are, on average, around 99.93%. WordPress sites (on cPanel) have a higher uptime stat of 99.99%. Awesome.


eHost offers new customers some cool marketing tools, like $100 in Google Adwords and another #100 for Yahoo/Bing ad credits. Nice bonus!

Pricing, Plans, Options

eHost pricing is incredible and right now they're offering a 50% bargain. Click this link to activate the pricing.

Sure, pricing is great but everyone wants to know this:  is it worth it?  

We think YES. Here's why:

  • eHost has great uptime stats (meaning your site will be functioning as it should be without any outages)​
  • You'll get a free domain name for life with an eHost hosting package.  Other competitors will only give you a free domain name for the first year and then they'll start changing you after that. 
  • 45 day money-back guarantee
  • Marketing freebies
ehost features included

What's included when you get eHost

Frequently Asked Questions

We wanted our eHost review to feature common questions asked regarding eHost web hosting. Here are three top questions. For more information, reach out in the comments section or view eHost's support

Q: If I have a domain name registered with another company, can I still host my site on eHost?

A: Sure you can.  All you need to do is make sure your domain points to an eHost server. eHost will help you with this, though, so don’t worry. They don't currently accept domain transfers, but you certainly can point your domain to their servers.

Q: Should I get the Website Builder or the cPanel account?

A:  This is entirely up to you. eHost has a decent website builder, but as with most website builders, they are limited in functionality and typically only the very inexperienced choose to use them. If you’re looking to grow your site and expand it over the years, it’s best to choose a system (like WordPress) that has the foundation to grow with you. Instead of choosing website builder in eHost, you can choose the cPanel, which will allow you install WordPress. If you’re intimidated by WordPress, don’t be. It’s an extremely intuitive software and while it does have the ability to build complex websites, you can also use it to create simple websites using free template themes.

Q:  Can I Host a WordPress blog on eHost?

A: eHost definitely can host your WordPress blog. They offer an easy install feature (along with other content management systems like Drupal, Joomla, Concrete5, Magento, B2Evolution, and more). eHost will host your standard WordPress blog with no issues. However, if you have incredibly high traffic, you might want to opt for another host that offers managed WordPress services or choose a dedicated server rather than shared hosting. eHost is ideal for small to mid-size WordPress websites.


One thing we hope this eHost review has made clear, eHost has all the bells and whistles a standard and affordable shared host should offer. The only reason it only has 4 stars is because it's purely a shared web host (but I still have it sitting just above SiteGround even though SiteGround sits pretty, too, with 5 stars). You’ve got the free domain name for life (which is a major bonus considering this is how other hosts like iPage and BlueHost will get you for more money in future years), plus there aren’t any silly restrictions on bandwidth.

eHost won’t be a great choice for everyone. If you’re someone who’s building a site that is intended to stream lots of content, try another host. If you’re expecting incredibly high amounts of traffic to your site, again, eHost isn’t for you. If you’re building a small to medium size site that will have standard traffic, eHost will work well. It’s robust and has everything you need to be successful launching your site. And don't forget, they're currently running the 50% of deal so if you think eHost is for you, don't miss out on this bargain pricing.