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December 2016 Income Report

$ 4000.00 December 2016 Income

Welcome to my December 2016 Income Report - the last of the year. 

Sure enough, I am posting this a bit late. I usually am pretty good about getting these out there and published on the first of the month. In this case, the first of the month was new year's day and there was no way that was happening. My bad. I'll do better next year!

​December was quite eventful. It started new freelance projects, weeded out other, less lucrative projects, and allowed me to refine my focus on my own blog ventures. 

Here's what I'm doing now full time:

  • ​SEO for a few companies - link building, guest posting, on page SEO, blog writing
  • SOME social media management
  • All of the above for my own blog

In weeding out less lucrative clients and focusing more of my attention on fewer clients, I'm able to stay sane, work harder, maintain attention, and realize greater results. It's all a work in progress of course, but I think December was a great start. And clearly I'm doing much better financially than I was in prior months. 

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Here's what my goals are for this website

While I'm obviously paying the bills doing some freelancing work, I'm focusing about 50% of my energy (on a good day/week/month) to furthering this website. 

So, given that this is the start of the year, I'll clue you into what my goals are for this blog over the next 12 months.

  • Post regular blog content. I posted a year's worth of blogs in the span of one month last year. I burnt out. This year, I'm going for balance. I'll be posting at least 2 of my own blogs each month and at least one post from a contributor
  • Continue expanding my reach via guest blogs on other sites. 
  • Grow my email list. Sign up for my blog below if you haven't already! 
  • Grow my blogger community on Facebook - a collaborative space for bloggers/aspiring bloggers to get started and grow. 
  • Start making real money via my website. Right now most of my money is coming from freelancing and some of it is coming from this website. I'd like to flip that around. If most of my money could come from my website, and some from freelancing - I'd be a happy, happy lady. 

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December 2016 Income Report Expenses

I haven't really talked about any of my expenses, but I think it's important I start sharing what I'm spending my money on.


I use Canva for all of my graphic design - it's amazing. Seriously, check it out. $13/month. 


I plan on writing a post about my transition from MailChimp to Aweber to ConvertKit - but that's scheduled for later on this month. Long story short, I know the value in growing an email list so I moved over to ConvertKit. My experience so far has been great. Awesome reports, easy to use, not too pricey - it has all the features I need to grow my email list and expand my blog growth. 

Freelance Help

I hired someone to help with some of my freelance workload through UpWork. So I'm spending about $320 per month on that. 

Web Hosting

Every website needs a host. Right now I'm spending about $10/month with GoDaddy and hating every minute. I'm going to hop on over to BlueHost when the term ends. 

Final Thoughts

I'm happy with my December 2016 Income Report. Now it's time to keep on keepin' on.

See ya next month!

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