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So you like writing, eh? 

cool. let's talk.

p.s. I'm not Canadian - I just have always wanted to say "eh"

Write for 

I totally know how exciting (and helpful) contributing to another website can be. When I'm not writing for my own blog or writing for clients, I'm publishing my content on other sites. There are all sorts of benefits - 100% agreed - but only if done well. Please take note that I do not accept every pitch and that there is no guarantee that your post will be published.

This site publishes content related to the following topics:

  • Making money online 
  • WordPress/Website creation
  • Email Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing - particularly Pinterest & Facebook
  • Entrepreneurial mindset

If you have an idea that doesn't fit into (somehow) one of the above categories, it's probably not a fit for the blog.  

Contributor Guidelines.

How to Pitch

Send me a message eden [at] fried [dot] com with the subject line "Write for Pitch" then spill the beans on your idea! Please include links to 2 writing samples. I'm not scary, I don't bite (usually) - I would love to hear your ideas. If they aren't a fit, no harm no foul.  Might as well submit a pitch anyway.  

If you already have a piece written, you can go ahead and submit away (there is no guarantee I will publish your piece). I'm pretty quick at replying but give me at least a week before sending me another message. 

If I do not accept your pitch, please do not take it personally. Your writing must fit the tone and style of my site and that just isn't everyone's thing... which is a-ok.

How to Submit

If your idea was approved - get to writing! The sooner you submit, the sooner I'll publish. 

​Submit your contribution in a Google Doc - send to eden [at] fried [dot] com and make sure I have editing privileges. I'll take it from there.


1. Unique Content: Your work must be completely unique. I'll scan your content for safe measure to ensure it has never been published anywhere else on the web. Duplicate content can harm your site and my site, so best to avoid that problem.

2. Word Count: I don't have a word count but I don't usually like to publish anything that's less than 750 words unless you're some sort of wizard and are able to provide actionable, coherent content in less than that. I haven't been able to master that quite yet. 

3. ​Sharing. When you submit your writing to this site, you agree to share it on your social media accounts. Now, admittedly, I can't really hold you to this. But it's quite the bummer when someone submits content to your site and never shares it. Honestly, it feels as if I've been used - it's not good practice. If you write a post, the expectations is that you will share it far and wide, just as I will. 

4. Republication: You may not post your content on any other website. If it is published on this site, it cannot be repurposed. 

5. Rights: I reserve the right not to publish your content if it doesn't meet the requirements or if it doesn't fit the tone and style of the site. I also reserve the right to edit or modify the entirety of your submission for grammar and syntax, to be sure it fits the editorial standards of this website.

Ready to submit your pitch or guest post? Email me at eden [at] fried [dot] com! 

What do you get?

Contributing to gets you a visibility to a new audience, an opportunity to grow your backlink profile (you can include up to 2 links to your own websites in your bio), and up to 200 words of self-promotion in your author bio. Win/win for everyone!

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