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BoardBooster Review: My Results from 4 Weeks on BoardBooster

I started my Pinterest Account mid-January with the goal to grow my following and increase my blog’s monthly page views and traffic… my progress has been phenomenal thanks to BoardBooster and I feel compelled to share my views and experiences in a comprehensive BoardBooster review. But before I dive into the actual review of BoardBooster, I […]

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Pinterest Group Boards: How I Gained 300 Followers in 3 Weeks

​Pinterest group boards – oh, how I love thee! But before I fully divulge my infatuation, I think it’s necessary to give you some background. We’ll start with this: I’m no Pinterest Guru. I’m not – sorry. If you’re looking for the queen of Pinterest, head somewhere else. I’m just some regular person just like you who’s fumbling […]

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Instagram Stories – Everything You Need to Know to Promote Your Blog

With the new Instagram update, you’ve probably seen countless people and organizations using the new functionality to do all sorts of different things to promote their business.  Who’s to say you can’t do the same?Those of us with blogs are always looking for awesome ways to connect with our audiences. If Snapchat wasn’t doing it […]

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