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2016 year in review

My 2016 Year in Review

My 2016 Year in ReviewIt's finally December and I've been planning this 2016 Year in Review for quite some time now.  Actually, I thought of the idea at the end of October when I had one of those

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Reflect on How Far You’ve Come, Not How Far You Have Left to Go

It’s nearing the end of September and I’ve been feeling a mix of emotions. About once a week I have the sort of day that makes me want to cuddle up with some warm blankets, and just sleep the day away.

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eden fried don't be a passive bystander

Don’t Be a Passive Bystander in Your Own Life

Don't Be a Passive Bystander in Your Own LifeI was perusing Facebook today and stumbled across a post from one of my close college friends who wrote this, “Something I never understood as a kid that

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