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July 2017 Income Report for my blog

So begins my July 2017 Income report – this is my fourteenth blog earnings report! Isn’t it just insane how time flies?At the start of each month, I document my past month’s earnings in the form of an income report. Throughout my income report, I discuss my successes and my failures. I also set goals […]

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June 2017 Income Report

June 2017 Income ReportWelcome to my June 2017 Income Report.If you’re not familiar with me and my story, here’s the short version.Just over a year ago, I bailed on my plan to head to law school and decided to start a blog instead. Since then, I’ve been documenting my journey of monetizing my site in these […]

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May 2017 Income Report

The BackgroundWelcome to my May 2017 Income Report. Here’s the cool thing about this report… it’s my 12 report meaning I’ve officially been doing this for an entire year! Woah. The past 12 months have been a complete whirlwind. I bailed on my plan to go to law schoolI decided to start a blog (if you want […]

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April 2017 Income Report

The BackgroundWelcome to my April 2017 Income Report. I’m really excited to write this report since I’m nearing the end of my first complete year writing income reports! It’s crazy how time flies. For those of you who are just joining me now for the first time, I’ll give you a quick rundown. In May 2016 (last […]

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December 2016 Income Report

December 2016 Income Report $ 4000.00 December 2016 Income Welcome to my December 2016 Income Report – the last of the year. Sure enough, I am posting this a bit late. I usually am pretty good about getting these out there and published on the first of the month. In this case, the first of the month […]

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November 2016 Income Report

$ 1456.00 November 2016 Income December already?  Must be some sort of joke.November was a tough month for me. I felt my motivation dull a bit (full disclosure here) and was distracted by other “stuff”. ​In any case, I still made money and some progress.  And I’m feel extra motivated now to bring the year to […]

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October 2016 Income Report

$ 1200.00 October 2016 Income Thoughts on my October 2016 Income ReportAnother month gone. Seriously, where does the time go?  I started this journey in June and it really does seem like that was just yesterday. I didn’t increase my monthly earnings too much this month.  Actually, this month was a true lesson in “don’t let yourself […]

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