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BoardBooster Review: My Results from 4 Weeks on BoardBooster

I may earn a commission from the companies mentioned in this post. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers.

I started my Pinterest Account mid-January with the goal to grow my following and increase my blog’s monthly page views and traffic… my progress has been phenomenal thanks to BoardBooster and I feel compelled to share my views and experiences in a comprehensive BoardBooster review. 

But before I dive into the actual review of BoardBooster, I want to talk to you a little bit about my results. Let's get started.

boardbooster review

BoardBooster Results​

My Pinterest account went live (total blank slate) on January 10th, and as of February 4th I had grown from 0 to 385 followers. This is a picture of my account on February 4th. 

boardbooster reivew

If you want to see my actual growth week-by-week, check out these awesome digest emails that BoardBooster sends.

Here are my stats from the end of week one:

boardbooster reivew

154 followers in less than one week. WOW. Also check out the engagement on my published pins!

Here’s week 2 results.

boardbooster reivew

93 followers – still great results. Notice that I drastically increased the number of pins BoardBooster was adding to my boards. I joined a bunch of new group boards in week 2 and really “upped” my Pinterest game.

Here’s week 3:

I gained 91 followers in 7 days (that’s roughly 13 followers a day and got some decent engagement.

I honestly don’t know how these stats compare to other people’s results. What I DO know is that I’m incredibly impressed by the HUGE growth I’ve experienced in such a SHORT period of time on Pinterest. I attribute this largely to BoardBooster.

Also, check out my Google Analytics. You can see that in my first month of BoardBooster, over 18% of my traffic to my site started coming from Pinterest. 

I’m going to break down all the main components of BoardBooster for you in this fully comprehensive BoardBooster review so you can see for yourself how influential this tool can be for your Pinterest ventures.

What is BoardBooster?

BoardBooster was built to help Bloggers succeed on Pinterest.

Here's what BoardBooster does:

  1. BoardBooster allows you to stay active on Pinterest without having to stay on Pinterest all day everyday
  2. It helps you source pins to save to specific boards
  3. It allows you to strategically save pins  to group boards throughout the day, week or month
  4. It allows you to repin older pins through looping
  5. It allows you to manage your group boards, analyze your growth stats and maintain the “health” of your pins

Dennis Kashkin is both the CEO of BoardBooster and the programmer behind the tools and functionality BoardBooster has to offer. BoardBooster evolved from Dennis’ personal use of Pinterest and maintenance of his own Pinterest boards. He saw a need to streamline that board maintenance and pinning process and BoardBooster evolved from that! The rest is history.

Essentially, BoardBooster has a lot of great functionality and the best part is that it’s pretty new, meaning the tool is constantly evolving to be better everyday.

Overall, based on the past month being on BoardBooster, I'm a huge fan of the product and would recommend it to anyone, especially bloggers. ​

Let's continue the BoardBooster review and dive into the features and functionality BoardBooster has to offer.​

Features & Functionality: Pinning Tools

BoardBooster Scheduler

This is probably my favorite feature in BoardBooster. The scheduler tool allows you to schedule your pins during peak pinning times. It also spreads your pins out so that you don’t post too many pins at once. Finally, scheduler allows you to stay “active” on Pinterest even when you’re not really on Pinterest. The tool saves pins for you meaning you only have to spend time pinning to the secret source board that “feeds” the scheduler.

Here’s how it works:

1. You add a board (any board) to your scheduler​

2. You configure the settings for that board (you tell it how often BoardBooster should pin, when it should pin, how many pins should be pinned per day, etc.)

3. BoardBooster creates a secret board that is associated with that board.

4. You simply pin anything you want to your secret source board and it does the rest. It will follow the rules and configurations you set for each board.

Here’s a glimpse at what my scheduler tool looks like.

boardbooster reivew

You can easily see and manage all of your boards and group boards. Some quick group stats are visible and you can also easily see how many pins are scheduled for each day.

When you hover your cursor over any board, BoardBooster gives you a summary of how the board is performing.

boardbooster reivew

When you actually click into each group board, you can see the settings and the pinning history.

boardbooster reivew

Top left of picture: can see clearly my source board, how many pins are set to go out each day and during what timeframes. The status is “OK” meaning everything is functioning well and there are no issues. I can also scope out the history of the pins that went out recently and how they’re performing.

Top right of picture: there’s a section called “pin sourcing”. This is a nifty little tool that actually allows you to source pins from other places to fill your secret boards.

You can choose to use the “board monitor agent”, which allows you to stalk the hell out of boards you love on Pinterest and save pins from there, or you can use the “search agent”, which lets you save pins according to certain keywords and phrases you specify. You can also use both the “board monitor agent” and the “search agent” simultaneously.

My opinion on pin sourcing: if you’re an avid pinner and are constantly saving and repining other people’s stuff, you probably don’t need to use the pin sourcing functionality. That said, the tool is great if you’re not always on Pinterest and you don’t naturally save pins on your own. If that’s you, pin sourcing eliminates the need to really “be” on Pinterest except when you’re liking and commenting and saving your own pins to your secret boards.

BoardBooster Campaigns

There are two types of campaigns in BoardBooster:

1. Random Campaigns – these allow you to randomly pin anything from your designated source board to your designated target boards. They’ll be pinned in a random order automatically so you don’t have to worry about timing at all.

2. Scheduled Campaigns – This allows you to save pins to multiple boards according to a schedule that you determine. Save a pin to your source board that feeds the campaign and you’re all set. With scheduled campaigns you’re responsible for choosing the timing (date wise) that each pin will be saved.

I don’t use a lot of the campaign features, honestly. Most of my BoardBooster use comes from the scheduler tools. But here’s how I do use it:

1. I created a random campaign that constantly saves my top 5 performing pins to my top 5 performing group boards.

Here’s the video that I used to help me set this up:

BoardBooster Looping

Looping is tool that allows you to repin some of your board content. This is a great tool for you to use if you have a TON of followers who may not have seen your earlier board content. If you don’t have a ton of followers, you probably don’t need looping… until you drastically grow your Pinterest followers!

Cool Looping Features

Deduplication: BoardBooster has deduping functionality that allows it to automatically delete the duplicate pin that has the least engagement.

Viral Duplicate Protection: You can tell BoardBooster to protect against deleting duplicate pins that have a lot of engagement even if it’s an underperforming pin in comparison. For example, you can tell BoardBooster to keep underperforming duplicates if they have at least a certain number of repins.

Features & Functionality: Maintenance Tools

​BoardBooster Group Manager

If you manage a lot of group boards, you’ll love the Group Manager. It allows you to keep an eye out on your board and board contributors to make sure everything is running smoothly.

I can quickly see at a glance who my contributors are, how much they’re pinning, if they’re pinning any duplicates and how much engagement their pins are getting. Cool stuff.

Here’s a snapshot:

BoardBooster Pin Doctor

You get sick, you go to the doctor and hope he/she will tell you what’s wrong AND how to fix it. That’s what the Pin Doctor does and it’s a great tool. One complaint: it’s an added expense.

I’d suggest you use the Pin Doctor tool if:

1) you have a TON of pins

2) you rely heavily on affiliate links

3) you’ve recently (or at any point in the past) redone your website

Pin Doctor helps to analyze your pins to see if there are any broken links, missing links, direct to the wrong website, poorly sized images, or irrelevant content.

If you have a ton of pins, chances are there are some issues worth tending to with the Pin Doctor. What do I mean by a “ton” of pins? If you have thousands of followers and thousands of pins – then the Pin Doctor is worth it.

If you rely heavily on affiliate links meaning you earn a significant income from Pinterest, the Pin Doctor tool could be worthwhile. It will help you keep tabs on broken links and fix them before they cost you thousands of dollars in income. Broken links are an affiliate marketers WORST nightmare. The Pin Doctor can help with that.

If you’ve recently redone your website, chances are there are a lot of broken links – which means your Pinterest account could use some love, too.

Overall, I think the Pin Doctor is a cool idea, but I don’t feel the need to personally use it just yet. People with larger Pinterest followings and more pins require it more than someone like me. It's good to know that BoardBooster has the tools available to "treat" your pins if necessary though. Props for that.

BoardBooster Pin Mover

This is another cool tool that’s great for people who are pro-pinners and are taking on projects to clean up their presence. I’m just not there yet, but if you are, I’ll explain how it works further.

If you have a HUGE board that’s gotten OUT OF CONTROL, you can use the Pin Mover to mass migrate pins that meet certain criteria over to a new or different board.

Examples of criteria:

· Pins with a certain repin rate

· Pins with certain keywords

· Pins with certain website domain names

· Pins that are within a certain proximity to the top of the board

Here’s how it looks in progress:


I’m a reporting geek so every tool I pay for should meet one (or both) of the following:

· Provide insight I otherwise wouldn’t be privy to

· Prove why the tool is working and why I need the product

BoardBooster meets my standards. I think their reporting COULD get better, and it probably will, but it’s met my basic expectations and it’s proven to me that the tool is useful.

Not sure if you should trust me on that? Here are a few reports that might change your mind.

Follower Report:

boardbooster reivew

I can see the exact growth in my followers visually. Lookin good, Eden!

Board Performance Report

I can check out ALL the boards that I’m apart of (group boards, and my boards) and see their stats (repin rate, monthly pins, etc). This gives me important visibility into my group boards. If some of my board are underperforming, I know I need to start scoping out new boards with better stats.

boardbooster reivew

Best Time to Pin Report

BoardBooster also shows you when is most likely for your pins to get engagement. Note that their could be a high margin for error here if you don’t have enough pins for BoardBooster to analyze.


Sign up for a free trial without a credit card commitment (no surprise charges). You get your first 100 pins free. This is how I got started.

The average Pinterest user won’t need to go beyond the 1,000 pins per month plan, which I think is really fair pricing especially considering the incredible value you’ll be getting from the product.

More professional pinners will want to sign up for the more expensive plans that allow a great number of pins.

Every plan offers the same features and support. The only difference between each plan is the number of pins you’re allotted per month.


I had a question about my account so I sent in a ticket. I got an email back within 15 minutes with a detailed answer. So I emailed back and forth with the support guy for a little while and he was incredibly helpful and informative. I can't speak for everyone, but I was satisfied with the service and I haven't needed the support team since.​

BoardBooster Pros & Cons

  • It DRASTICALLY increases followers
  • It easily allows you to mass pin to group boards
  • Deduplication functionality
  • Simple to monitor group boards & collaborators
  • Functionality built in to monitor pin health
  • Affordable service
  • Great support team
  • It can be difficult to get started - you probably need to watch youtube videos and read how-to guide to make sure setup is right.
  • There's no "looping" for group boards
  • Not free

BoardBooster Review Concluding Thoughts​

It's a good tool. It's ONLY going to help you. My favorite part is the scheduler functionality that allows me to be very hands off when it comes to pinning. All I have to do is create my pins, drop them into my secret source boards, and BoardBooster does the rest. Whenever I get added to a new group board, I hop over to BoardBooster once to get it setup properly and that's it. It appears that BoardBooster doesn't need much babysitting. I'll go in once a month or so to make sure everything is working properly and "up to snuff" but otherwise, it's working on it's own... the best kind of tool. 

I highly recommend BoardBooster to everyone, especially bloggers. But if you aren't 100% on the product yet, take it for a test run. You get your first 100 pins free.