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How One BoardBooster Feature Helped Grow My Email List by 240+ People in 1 Month

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In my March Income Report, I set a very lofty goal to grow my email list by 130 email subscribers.

To some of you, this may not seem like a lot. Some bloggers very successfully grow their email lists rapidly. But I’m not some bloggers!

Prior to March, my list was growing… but at a very slow rate.

In January, my goal was to gain 20 new subscribers. I gained just over 30.

In February I made it my goal to grow my list by 50 subscribers. I succeeded by gaining 69 new subscribers.

In March, my goal was to grow my list by 100 subscribers. That worked (mostly because I was running a giveaway). I gained 123 subscribers in January. But a huge majority of those were due to the giveaway I was running. 

So, when I set a goal to grow my list by 130 subscribers in April, I was a bit worried. The giveaway I ran in March ended when I launched my blogging course on April 1st, so I couldn’t rely on that to grow my list. I had to grow it all on my own.

I was nervous but determined. I knew that I needed to hone in on my list building strategy in order to reach my goal.

I ended up growing my list by 242 subscribers in April. Honestly WTF!

That's a HUUUUGEEEE victory for me. So what changed? What helped grow my list so much? ​

​Well, it's mostly due to a single BoardBooster feature, and I'll show you what I mean.

How I Used One BoardBooster Feature to Grow My Email List by 170+ Subscribers in 30 Days

For those of you who have been following my Pinterest journey, you know that I launched my Pinterest account on January 10th, 2017 and that I’ve used BoardBooster’s resources every step of the way. Over the past few months, I watched my account grow from nothing to something.

By Febuary 4th, I had grown to 385 followers. That’s nearly 400 followers in just three weeks.

By March 25th, I grew to 750 followers.

And by April 20th, I broke 1000 followers on Pinterest.

Of course, the point of social media isn’t to gain followers, it’s to grow engagement. So, while my following was increasing, it was more important that those followers actually enjoyed my content and clicked through to my site.

Good news: my Pinterest engagement is strong.

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According to Google Analytics, my referral traffic from Pinterest skyrocketed. Check out these pictures to see the proof.

​In January, only 11% of my traffic came from Pinterest. In February, nearly 36% of my traffic was Pinterest referral traffic. It should be noted that this new traffic was NOT at the expense of traffic from any other source. 

March saw an increase, too, at 37%. And I'm still growing!

So, BoardBooster is doing exactly what I want it to do. Everything is going well!

But April’s focus was to grow my email list. My teeny tiny itty bitty email list.

So I needed to figure out a way to leverage BoardBooster and Pinterest together to direct some of that referral traffic over to the free resources I offer on my site.

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Here’s what I did: I created a landing page for every freebie that I offer. Then I created a Pinterest Pin for every freebie that I have. Next, I created a campaign in BoardBooster that would automatically save these pins every day to my most successful group boards on Pinterest. What does this mean in simple English? It means that my freebies CONSTANTLY get exposure on Pinterest without me doing any additional legwork... sounds good, right? 

Let's break this down... keep reading for the technical rundown and how-to guide if you'd like to replicate this strategy.

1. Create a landing page for every freebie opt-in that I offer.

I use ConvertKit as my email service provider. One of the features that they offer is the option to create a landing page for people to opt into certain incentives that you offer.

Instead of just featuring a form at the bottom of each of my blog posts, landing pages allow you to have an entire page just dedicated to featuring the freebie that you offer.

So, for every freebie that I offer, I created a landing page in ConvertKit.

 If you're interested in learning how to create a landing page in ConvertKit, follow these instructions: ​

A. Go to "Form" and then select "Create Form"

​B. Next, select "landing page"

C. Choose the design of your landing page

Now, you'll be able to create your landing page and advertise your freebie. 

2. Create a page on your site to feature the ConvertKit landing page

If you use a WordPress site, you can download the ConvertKit plugin for WordPress. Once you create your landing page in ConvertKit, go over to your WordPress site and follow this process:

A. Create a new page

B. Name the page

C. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to where the ConvertKit plugin is featured

D. Choose the landing page that you created in ConvertKit

E. Save and publish your page

3. Create a pin for your freebie

In the same way that you create pins for your new blog posts, you can (and should) create pins for your freebies! Then, save that pin to all of your relevant boards and group boards using the URL for the freebie-landing page that I created in steps 1 and 2.

Here is an example of one of my pins that I created for my newest freebie.

​When you click on this pin, it takes you right to the landing page to sign up (which I created in ConvertKit).

To make my pin images, I always use Canva. Nothing fancy and super simple :)​

4. Use BoardBooster to feature your freebie pins to your top performing group boards on Pinterest

I use BoardBooster’s campaign feature to blast my freebies to the world. I started this in early April and so far it has worked wonders!

A. Create a random campaign

Name your campaign something like “freebies to top boards” so that you remember what it's for.

B. Grab the URLs for your pins that point to your freebie landing pages.

If you're not sure how to grab the URL, you just go to a pin, then copy the URL at the top of the screen (see picture, the blue is what you want to copy and carry over to BoardBooster). ​

You’ll need to have already saved the pin to a board in Pinterest at least once in order to find this.

C. Save the URL under the “list of pins” tab in your new campaign in BoardBooster.

D. Next, find the top 3 or 4 top-performing group boards that you’re a member of.

You can view the group board stats in BoardBooster by going to Reports >> Board Performance.

You’ll be able to see your top performing group boards

Choose the top boards (fast moving boards is especially important, so don’t choose a board that doesn’t have a decent number of contributors and pins).

Head back over to your BoardBooster campaign, and find those top boards by clicking "add board" the green button. 

This will take you to a screen that shows all of your boards. Select the boards from the list and click "submit". 

And that's it! You're all set 🙂 

Final thoughts

There are tons of ways to grow your email list even if you're on a budget. One of the best ways to grow your list is to leverage the capabilities that automation tools have to offer. BoardBooster is an inexpensive automation tool for Pinterest that, once setup properly, takes little time to oversee and manage. I pay my monthly fee and BoardBooster does all the heavy lifting (spreading my pins all over Pinterest-land for me).

Honestly, I used to avoid paying for ANYTHING when it came to my blog. But then I realized that in order to find success, I needed to treat my blog like a business. So I invested in tools like BoardBooster to help me get better. I'd do it all over again! 

One BoardBooster feature helped me grow my email list by 240 people in one month... That's just craziness! And, guess what? Within the first 5 days of May, my list grew by over 80 people. 80 people in 5 days! That's more people than I used to get in one month! 

Wherever you are in your blogging journey, please please please understand that there are certain tools that are 100% worth paying for. BoardBooster is one of them! So go ahead and try out their free trial now