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Blogger Insights Facebook Group 10k Extravaganza

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Something crazy happened the other day. Something I never EVER imagined would happen, let alone happen within 6 months. 

Blogger Insights reached 10,000 members!

I know, I know, I couldn't believe it either.

I started the group on January 5th, 2017 and in just 6 months, we reached a milestone number of 10,000 people - I'm jumping up for joy but I'm also in incredible shock!

Growing a Facebook group isn't easy. Growing a Facebook group into a supportive, nurturing and engaged community is even harder. 

I'm proud to report that Blogger Insights is all of those things. It wouldn't be that way without the incredible help and support from Emily McGee, my Co-Host, and our incredible moderators, Veronica and Sarah.


Join the Party to celebrate the Blogger Insights Facebook Group!

I'm a big fan of celebrating victories no matter how small or large. As bloggers, sometimes victories are hard to come by so celebrating is important. Plus, who doesn't love a good party?

​Everyday from July 1st through July 10th, we'll be announcing something new. It will either be a fun coupon to a fan-favorite blogging product or it will be a free live training session hosted via Facebook Live. 

To gain access to the coupons and training videos, you can tune in here or you can join the Facebook group!​

July 1st


Pinterest Unpuzzled is on sale for 60% off with coupon code CELEBRATE10K at checkout. This means Pinterest Unpuzzled can be purchased for only $19. It's a FULLY stocked course, with training videos, tutorials, and the like. This course is the budget friendly way to achieve your Pinterest goals. No need to break the bank on expensive courses. I'll give you the same info in a no-BS, wallet-friendly course.

Click here to get Pinterest Unpuzzled for just $19


We also hosted a free live video in the group. My fiancee overcame his nervousness and went LIVE with me! He shared his thoughts about my blogging venture and how nervous he felt in the beginning. Together we discussed tips and tricks to help you help your family understand your life as a blogger. You can click here to watch that video.

July 2nd 


Emily went live to talk all about the things she DID NOT do in her first year as a blogger (and you shouldn't bother with them either) and a few of the things she DID focus on. She also divulged some things she WISH she would have focused on from the very beginning. Emily's videos are also filled with great information, so definitely take a few minutes to tune into what she has to say!​

July 3rd


If you're not familiar with Jen Snyder over at WomenWinningOnline.com, you should go check her out! She's incredible and she's doing some big things. Personally, I'm a fan of Find Your Tribe Online. It's an easy-to-follow course online that helps bloggers figure out where their target audience is online. The best part of the course is that she lists out Pinterest Group Boards, Facebook Groups, and Sites all broken down BY NICHE. This means that just by enrolling in the course, you save yourself HOURS UPON HOURS of time researching. All the information you need is handed to you on a shiny platter when you enroll. Time is everything as a blogger, which is why I enrolled in this course a few month's back. It's been incredibly helpful for me. 

Jen has generously created a coupon code for FYTO to help celebrate Blogger Insights reaching 10,000 members!

To get 20% off Find Your Tribe Online, use code BI20 at checkout.​

Copy and paste the code here to redeem the coupon: BI20​


Stay tuned for the rest of the party!

July 4th


Emily is obsessed with planners! She writes about time management and productivity, so she's always on the hunt for the best planners! Can you believe that Emily actually bought 8 planners to test and review this year?! If there's anyone that knows about planners, it's Emily!

So one of her faves is the Erin Condren Life Planner. You can cl​ick here to save $10 on this planner in celebration of Blogger Insights reaching 10,000 members!

July 5th


Email Lists Simplified is an exceptional course. It will show you exactly how to grow your list, connect with your subscribers, create a freebie that people will NOT be able to resist, and nurture your subscribers with quality content they'll want to read every time you land in their inbox. Needless to say, this course is full of information that you'll be able to put to use right away.

​Meera, the creator of the course, has created a 30% off coupon code to help us celebrate reaching 10,000 members. Use code BLOGGER30 at checkout to redeem this coupon!

The code will expire on July 7th at midnight so act now!​

July 6th


If you've been following my blog for a while, you know that I purchased this course in January and have zero regrets about it. After enrolling, things really started to pick up for my blog. In February, I made over $400 in passive income through affiliate sales. I had NEVER before earned that kind of money through affiliate links, and I really do believe that this course had a lot to do with it. 

If you're looking for a comprehensive course that will teach you what you need to know about affiliate marketing so that you can be successful, this course is for you. Enough putting it off. Affiliate marketing isn't a dream. It's not just for "some people". If you're looking for some inspiration from "real" people making money through affiliate links, check out this post. It will give you the drive you need to get started. Trust me. 

 If you have the knowledge of how affiliate marketing works, you can be successful. You just need to get the knowledge. The best place to start is with this course. 

Michelle (the creator) generously created a $25 off coupon code to help us celebrate. 

Click here to purchase the course (one-time payment option) and use code 25DISCOUNT to get $25 off your enrollment fees

July 7th


Emily started freelancing in 2012, and it was a bumpy road. In the beginning, she found most of her work on elance (now upwork), and  made about $8/hour. She could have made more working at McDonald's!

I also started freelancing when I began my blog. It's one of the quickest ways to monetize your site, way quicker than waiting for affiliate sales to start coming through or for people to start clicking your advertisements!

Freelancing is way different than a 9-5 job. So if you're interested in learning how to be your own boss and work as a freelancer, you should definitely lean on people who have walked the same path. 

That's why enrolling in Creative Freelancing Freedom is such a great resource. It is the ultimate roadmap for starting your own freelance career. It will give you tons of confidence and help you land those better paying jobs (rather than resorting to the ones that pay pennies and just waste your time). 

To celebrate our 10k milestone, Lizzie has offered a special discount of more than 40% off the course price. Use code HUNDREDOFF, to save $100 on the course.

Also, if you're wondering whether the creator of the course is credible, she started off earning $2000 in her first month freelancing and now she freelances PART-TIME and manages to make more than $5k per month. That sounds pretty legitimate to me!

To sweeten the deal, and help you see results sooner, Emily is also offering a bonus to anyone who buys using this link. She will personally review one of your pitches and offer feedback to help you perfect your offer (so you can land jobs that much sooner). Emily has been freelancing for 5 years and in her most recent round of pitching has had more than 80% of her pitches land her new jobs.

Click here to enroll in the course with code HUNDREDOFF at checkout​

July 8th


So, when I first started blogging, my graphics were HORRIBLE. Not kidding (go to my blog page and scroll all the way to the bottom to see for yourself).

Then I made a change. I knew that my images were apart of branding and I needed to create a strong brand in order to grow my following and my blog. So I bit the bullet and paid for a stock photo membership. 

I ended up going with Haute Chocolate. Damn, I have no regrets. 

Creating images are SO easy for me now. I simply upload the stock photos into canva and add text to them. 1-2-3 - just like that, my images are done... and they look damn good, too! 

So, the owner of the Haute Chocolate Styled Stock library has decided to donate to our celebration! For anyone that purchases a membership between now and July 10th, they'll also gain access to the entire archive of images that are no longer available to members. I don't even have access to these images! This sweetens the deal a ton!

If you're interested in this deal, simply email them after purchasing your membership (must be before midnight on July 10th) and tell them that you're part of the Blogger Insights 10k celebration!

Click here to sign up for your membership now

July 9th


Happy 9th day of the 10k extravaganza! If you buy one of Emily's ebooks (just $15), you'll get the other one for FREE!

Here's some more details on the books:

Do you ever wish you had a done-for-you blogging schedule to follow? No thinking, just follow the plan, and you're good to go.

Well, these 2 ebooks are just what you need. The done-for-you blogging schedules is a set of 6 customizable schedules that show you exactly what you should be working on every day to grow your blog.

The done-for-you blogging routines gives you 8 blogging routines you can follow to simplify and streamline your work. It also includes research-backed strategies for creating your own super effective blogging routines, plus insight into the three keystone habits you need to adopt if you want to turn your blog in to a business.

You can get both books for $15 if you buy in the next 48 hours!

You can learn more about the blogging schedules ebook, CLICK HERE

Remember, you only need to buy ONE of them, and Emily will auto-magically send you the other for free. Wahoo!

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