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Reflect on How Far You’ve Come, Not How Far You Have Left to Go

It’s nearing the end of September and I’ve been feeling a mix of emotions. About once a week I have the sort of day that makes me want to cuddle up with some warm blankets, and just sleep the day away.

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how to choose a domain name

How To Choose a Domain Name: The Beginner’s Guide

Begginer's Guide:  How To Choose a Domain NameDon't underestimate the power of your domain name.  It's your address online.  It's your brand.  It's your image.  It's everything.

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eden fried don't be a passive bystander

Don’t Be a Passive Bystander in Your Own Life

Don't Be a Passive Bystander in Your Own LifeI was perusing Facebook today and stumbled across a post from one of my close college friends who wrote this, “Something I never understood as a kid that

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Time To Ditch Your Free WordPress Theme

Why It’s Time To Ditch Your Free WordPress Theme

Why It's Time To Ditch Your Free WordPress ThemeI’m not an advocate for free themes. Never was, never will be. Just laying all my cards out on the table - I think you should ditch your free WordPress

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5 ways to make money online today

5 Things You Can Do Today To Make Money Online

​If you’re reading this and thinking to yourself “great, I’m going to read this article, start today, and be rich in the next few months”, perhaps you should stop right there because (a) you’re

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own your name dot com

10 Reasons Why You Need to Own Your Name Dot Com

I was curious so I checked to see if my 5 closest friends own their name dot com. One by one, I typed in their names and realized (much to my surprise) that each of their names was available for purchase.

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