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february 2017 blog income report

February 2017 Income Report – See how much money I earned blogging this month

February 2017 Income ReportFebruary was one CRAZY month and I’m super pumped to share my stats with you. Sorry for the week delay! I spent the majority of February in Florida with family and… well,

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biggest blogging mistakes

My Top 10 Biggest Blogging Mistakes I Made in My First 3 Months Blogging (that I need to fix now)

As a beginner, you're privy to making the same 10 biggest blogging mistakes that I made as a beginner. Do yourself a favor, avoid them at all cost!To be completely honest with you, I could have gone on

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Affiliate Sales: 19 Successful Bloggers Recall their First Affiliate Sale

I actively started to monetize my blog about 6 months ago. I remember I had some really GREAT days and some really CRAPPY days. ​Blogging is a test of patience, especially if you're blogging for profit. Every

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affiliate marketing course review

Affiliate Marketing Course Review: Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

I wish I had taken the time earlier in my blogging journey to pay for an affiliate marketing course. It would have made my life much simpler. I don’t mean to suggest that I didn’t make my way – I

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become a full time blogger

Become a Full Time Blogger in 7 Steps

​I'm really excited to share this excellent contribution from my friend Alee who spends her time helping women ditch the 9-5 and make money from their blogs. It's the dream! Alee has done some really

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boardbooster review

BoardBooster Review: My Results from 4 Weeks on BoardBooster

I started my Pinterest Account mid-January with the goal to grow my following and increase my blog’s monthly page views and traffic… my progress has been phenomenal thanks to BoardBooster and I feel

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january 2017 income report

January 2017 Income Report – See what I earned blogging this month!

January 2017 Income ReportI’ve been itching to write my January 2017 income report since about January 1st. I’m not entirely sure why, honestly. Income wise, not much has changed. I knew

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pinterest group boards

Pinterest Group Boards: How I Gained 300 Followers in 3 Weeks

​Pinterest group boards – oh, how I love thee! But before I fully divulge my infatuation, I think it’s necessary to give you some background. We’ll start with this: I’m no Pinterest

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How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog (EXPLODE your Shares on Social Media)

If you're wondering how to drive traffic to your blog, make sure you boost your social media shares. In this post, Christopher Jan Benitez shares his tips on how to skyrocket your blog traffic by placing

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8 Excuses Not to Start a Blog (and why they totally suck)

​Since I started blogging, I’ve gotten a TON of texts, emails, Facebook messages, and (I kid you not) shouts from across the room from people telling me they want to start a blog.My response is usually

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