Skyrocket your email list with this proven challenge

Need help getting more blog subscribers?

Join the list building challenge group to help you 'UNSTUCK' your email list and get more targeted subscribers to sign up!

The list building challenge is a 30 day challenge that teaches you how to start, promote, and grow your email list 

Look what people are saying...

Do you feel like your subscriber list just WON'T grow no matter what you do? 

Are you wondering how to go from 0 subscribers to 1000+

Do you need help figuring out what the heck freebies and landing pages are? 

Do you need people to hold you accountable?  

Do you need advice and support?

As a challenge group member, you'll take part in lessons each week and be tasked with strategic homework assignments


Challengers will receive weekly assignments and challenges to meet. Your job is to spend the week doing everything you can to meet that challenge. I'll give you tips and tricks along the way to help you be successful! 


Tired of feedback threads that don't do anything for you? No problem, because challengers will participate in peer review threads. This means that you'll get real, actionable advice from peers who are equally as motivated to grow their lists as you are. 


You'll be required to set weekly goals at the start of each week, and checkin at the end of the week to tell us how it went. If you didn't meet your goals, we'll make sure you identify what went wrong and set goals to remedy that. We're here to keep you on your game.


Challengers gain access to a private Facebook community that is only open to people who have committed to the challenge. This Facebook group is where we'll communicate to help one another out. We'll have live trainings, peer reviews, and more.


As a challenger, you'll receive weekly emails. These won't be fluff-filled emails. They'll be emails stuffed with real advice, tips and tricks to help you grow your list. You'll also receive assignments and instructions for the challenge. 


Tune into our course each week to gain access to tons of weekly lessons that are prerecorded specifically for you. You'll learn everything from creating a freebie to creating a landing page and writing your first welcome email. Video trainings range anywhere from 5 minutes to over 40 minutes long. There's a lot to teach and a lot to learn!

Who should sign up? 

  • ANYONE WHO IS DEEPLY COMMITTED TO GROWING THEIR LIST. There are no prerequisites. I don't care if you have 0 people on your list or 20,000 people. No matter where you are in your journey, you are welcome so long as you are committed. 
  • PEOPLE WHO FEEL THEY HAVE TRIED "EVERYTHING". You've done your homework, you've done your research. You've tried what feels like EVERYTHING. You need help. This group is for you, my friend.
  • BLOGGERS IN NEED OF ACCOUNTABILITY. You have the best intentions but you struggle to stay on track with your goals. You need a buddy to make sure you set strong goals and that you actually achieve them. We have you covered.

Hey friend, I'm Eden!

I'm a full-time digital marketer and blogger on I got my start last June 2016 and I've been working ever since to establish my blog and grow my online presence. Since then, I've launched a Facebook group (with over 14,000 members), and grown my traffic from nothing to over 10,000 page views per month. My monthly income is over $4,000 per month, too. And it's all thanks to my nifty email list. Want to grow your list with me? Sign up for the challenge.