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The Reveal: Best Hosting for Musicians

You’re ready to take your music business to the next level! That’s awesome. Whether you’re in a band, a solo singer, in an A Capella group, having a website as a musician will help you stay current and competitive in the music industry. Your website will help put you out there, market your music, and advertise yourself and, more importantly, your music.

So, what are the steps you need to take to build a musician website? 

Steps to Building a Musician Website

1. Choose a domain name

2. Select a Content Management System (CMS)

3. Choose a web host

4. Design your site

1. Choose a Domain Name

Choosing your domain name (or website address) is an integral part of your website setup. You’ll want to make sure your domain name is short, simple, easy to brand, and easy to remember. Check out this guide on how to choose a domain name before you make any decision. When you’re all set with that, you are ready to move onto step two.

2. Select a Content Management System

First thing’s first – before choosing the ideal web host for musician website, you’ll want to decide on which website content management system to use. But what is a content management system? This is the tool or system that allows you to create your website. If you’re looking for the perfect balance between quality and price, look no further than WordPress. More than 20% of the world’s websites are WordPress sites, and many musician websites are among those. Plus, did I mention that it’s FREE? Need I say more?

The great thing about WordPress is that there’s an infinite amount of resources available to you. Since WordPress is open source, developers are constantly working on the platform to build and resell themes – which help you design the frontend of your site. There are lots of great template themes for WordPress musician websites (we’ll cover those later) – so make sure you choose WordPress for your CMS.

Once you’ve decided on your CMS, you’re ready for step 3: choose a web host!

3. Choose Your Web Host from the Best Hosting for Musicians List

Building a website can seem intimidating at first, especially if you lack the experience and know-how. Thankfully, it’s not as hard as it sounds. It’s likely that choosing the perfect musician website hosting will be the trickiest part – the rest is smooth sailing. Before you go shopping blindly and throw money on something you’re vastly unfamiliar with, we’ll outline a few key components to understand when choosing a web host.

4. Design Your Site:  Best WordPress Themes for Musician Websites​

We'll get to this a bit later. Stay tuned!​

1. Speed

Speed is an important part of your website. Think about it. If you click on a website in a Google search result and the page loads SO SLOWLY, what do you do? Do you sit there and twiddle your thumbs until the page finally loads? Perhaps. But more often than not, people incessantly click the back button until they’re safely back on Google rather than painstakingly waiting for a terribly slow web page to load. The reality is, your traffic will only wait a few seconds before abandoning your slow web page in pursuit of a better, faster one. So, what’s the bottom line? When shopping for the best web hosting for musicians, you’ll want to ensure you choose a host that has fast load times, else risk killing any chance your website has at success.

2. Bandwidth & Disk Space

Because you’re a musician and will likely display your music on your site, you’ll want to ensure you have enough room to do so. We won’t get technical in this article, but check out some resources on how much bandwidth and disk space your site needs. And, think twice before blindly purchasing web hosting without understanding what you really need in this department.

3. Availability

Website availability is the amount of time your musician website will actually be “available” or “up” and running. You’ll often see this described on web hosting sites as “uptime stats”. The closer to 100% the uptime stats are, the better. Try and go with a web host that has uptime stats hovering on or around 99.9%. Why is uptime important? Simple. If your website isn’t available, no one can access it. If no one can access it, what’s the point of paying for a website or even having one in the first place? You get the point. Choose the musician hosting provider that has the best uptime stats.

Speed, bandwidth/disk space, and website availability are key among a long list of items that are important to understand and question while shopping for a web host. Don’t forget to check out the beginner’s guide to shopping for a web host for the complete list.

Without further ado, here’s the top recommended hosting for musician websites!

​Top 5 Best Hosting for Musicians


Web Host

Starting Price per month







The #1 Best Hosting for Musicians is BlueHost

Bluehost is always at the very top of lists for recommended web hosts for WordPress sites, and it remains a top contender for hosting for musicians, as well. Not only is it one of the number one hosting companies, it’s also recommended by WordPress.com. Whether you’re a beginner when it comes to all things websites or you’ve been around the block once or twice, your WordPress musician website will be in good hands on a BlueHost server.

The great thing about BlueHost is that you won’t have any difficulty installing WordPress on your site. They have a quick install tool that will allow you to get your WordPress website setup in just a few minutes or less. Click here for a step-by-step guide on how to install WordPress on BlueHost.

BlueHost has a number of great plan options, though you’ll likely be fine choosing the base plan. Remember, you’ll always be able to upgrade your plan if you feel you don’t have enough bandwidth, disk space, or otherwise.

BlueHost meets all the base requirements for WordPress hosting and you’ll definitely be able to check off all those tick boxes of things mentioned earlier in the post about bandwidth, disk space, website availability and speed. Not only is BlueHost a great option, but it won’t break the bank either. True, it's more expensive than iPage or HostGator, but typically when it comes to web hosting, you get what you pay for. Paying more monthly can definitely save you a lot of money in the long run. Check out a full BlueHost hosting review by clicking here (opens in new window).

​iPage Wins the Prize for Cheapest Web Hosting for Musicians

Like mentioned earlier, iPage is one of the cheapest options you’ll find for hosting for musicians or for anyone for that matter. It’s still a great option, though. Yes, you get what you pay for, but if affordability is your limiting factor, we definitely recommend taking a look at iPage’s offerings.

Setup and install of WordPress is quick and easy no matter your experience level. They also offer great base plan options – allowing you to reap the benefits of unlimited bandwidth and disk space. Uptime stats are good, reputability is good, customer service is there to help you, and you’ll find a ton of resources on their site to utilize if you feel you need extra guidance. Ultimately, iPage is a decent option for budget bands and musicians. If you have the funding to purchase a bit of a more comprehensive hosting plan, BlueHost should be your go-to. If cost is prohibitive, iPage is the way to go. Click here to get started with iPage or, if you want more information, check out this full review.

HostGator - the best hosting for musicians who plan to EXPAND​

We love HostGator for it's incredible versatility.  HostGator is awesome for WordPress sites (obviously, else it wouldn't make the list) and it's extremely easy to use and functional.  Cost wise, you'll be pretty happy, too.  

Shopping for your HostGator hosting plan might overwhelm you. There are lots of options to choose from.  Don't panic, we recommend sticking with the baby plan.  HostGator makes it easy to upgrade your plan, so as you grow you'll be able to expand your hosting plan.  If you're not sure how to go about doing that, just call on HostGator customer service. They'll be more than happy to help you out.​

Ready to learn more about HostGator?  Visit their site or check out the full review

Design Your Site: WordPress Themes for Musicians

Design!  You've successfully chosen your domain name, selected your content management system (go WordPress!), purchased web hosting, and so now it's time for the fun part - design!

As with most things, the options for WordPress themes for musician websites or band websites are essentially endless.  I pulled a few of the best premium WordPress themes for musicians and plopped them right here for you - we like everything neat and tidy and in one place here!​

Muzak Theme - Awesome WordPress Music Theme

Live Music WordPress Theme for Musicians

Ultimate WordPress Theme for Musician Websites: Divi by Elegant Themes

Once you choose a theme, check out this Website Setup Guide to learn how to install your theme on your website!​


Building a professional and high performing musician site doesn't have to be a challenge.  In fact, you can launch your site the same week you think up the idea to create one in the first place!  Really, you can.  Website building isn't rocket science, and it certainly isn't limited to professional web developers.  Anyone, no matter their technical experience, can create beautifully designed websites... even you!  So get started now! And don't forget to let us know how it goes!  

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