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Before we dive into the best web hosting for multiple domains, let's first explain what multiple domain hosting is in the first place.  To put it simply (because it is simple), multiple domain hosting is any hosting plan that permits you to host more than one domain under one hosting plan. For instance, if you are someone who runs multiple website (whether they be for you or for your clients), your best bet is to purchase a multiple domain hosting plan. This allows you to keep and maintain more than one domain under one web-hosting umbrella.

Best Multiple Domain Web Hosting


Web Host

Starting Price per month



Plus Plan:  BlueHost gives you unlimited included domains, parked domains, subdomains, email accounts and storage for your email. You’ll even luck out and get $200 worth of marketing “extras” when you purchase the Plus Plan.



Under the Launch Plan (business) you'll get 2 websites on 1 account.  Under the Power Plan (business) you'll get up to 6 websites on 1 account.  Under the Pro Plan (business) you'll get unlimited websites.  With a 90-day money back guarantee, bonus ad credits, data backups and all day every day technical support, InMotion is a great option for people looking for a competitive option for multiple domain web hosting.



Get Unlimited Domains with the Baby Plan or Business Plan through HostGator.  Enjoy easy install for popular content management systems (like WordPress), unlimited bandwidth, access to technical support teams, free unlimited email addresses, and some bonus marketing dollars when you sign up with the Baby/Business Plan.



SiteGround has incredible customer reviews and satisfaction. They provide multiple domain hosting in the GrowBig and GoGeek plans. Not only do they provide 24/7 support (with some of the highest ratings in the market), they also provide tons of space, bandwidth, daily backups, free email accounts, free site transfer, cPanel and technical support.

Is Multiple Domain Hosting Necessary?

Multiple domain hosting isn’t necessary per se. Though your life will be loads easier if you bite the bullet and purchase one of the best multiple domain hosting plans available. Why? Imagine having one remote control for all of your electronic devices at home. Granted, our smart phones are turning into that, so you likely already have one, but why not have the same for multiple domains and websites? Wouldn’t it be so much simpler to log into one dashboard and be able to manage all of your domains in one area? Sure it would.

So, the short answer is no… it’s not necessary. But it’s INCREDIBLY useful if you do need to manage multiple domains. Unless you prefer the swivel chair approach, which will have your brain going crazy switching from several different accounts with varying usernames and passwords, you’ll likely agree with me and opt to search for the best web hosting for multiple domains.

What’s the Price of Web Hosting for Multiple Domains?

It’s neither difficult to find the best multiple domain web hosting nor is it expensive. You’ll end up dropping a few extra dollars per year on a multiple domain-hosting plan. And it’s worth it (in case you haven’t gathered that already). Even if you don’t currently have or desire to manage multiple domains, there might come a time in the near future when you change your mind.

What if suddenly you have that light bulb moment where you brainstorm a stellar new business model? Won’t you want to snag up a nice domain name for that project? Sure you will. If your web hosting plan only lets you have one domain name, you’re going to have to upgrade. Why not optimize your costs and avoid those new fees now? You’ll end up saving some money in the long run if you pick your hosting plan wisely and opt for a multiple domain name hosting plan now rather than shopping for one later.

Who Absolutely Needs Web Hosting for Multiple Domains?

Web designers. Right off the bat we can say that web designers will profit immensely from purchasing from the best multiple domain hosting. In creating websites, web designers are uniquely positioned to resell hosting plans to clients under their hosting plans. If web designers purchase a multiple domain-hosting plan, they’ll be able to park their clients’ websites under the same hosting and include this in the price for the project.

Entrepreneurs. If you’re constantly thinking of new business ideas (as most successful entrepreneurs are) and you’re expecting to expand your current business model or to tap into new niches, there’s no question that you’ll benefit from a multiple domain hosting plan. In fact, it would be silly for you to purchase anything else. Without access to hosting multiple domains, you’ll limit your potential reach in the market place and thus limiting your potential revenue.

Business Owners Looking to Prevent Idea Hacks. If you’re a business owner that only operates one business and one website, don’t immediately rule out the idea of multiple domain hosting. Sure, you won’t be hosting client sites, and maybe you aren’t looking to tap into other niche markets any time soon. Fine, but you still should consider multiple domain hosting. Especially if your website has an awesome name and well known brand, you’ll want to purchase multiple domain hosting so that you can own multiple varieties of your primary domain. We’ll use Facebook as an example. What if someone wanted to rip off Mark Zuckerberg and buy or even They could easily do that if Zuckerberg wasn’t forward thinking enough to buy all of those domain names. I have no doubt that the Facebook team does currently own all of those domains.

Don’t forget about misspellings, typos, or alternative spelling for your primary domain. What’s my point? A small additional cost now for multiple domain hosting COULD save you from a law suit later, especially if your business really does take off.

In summary, think about the following before ruling out multiple domain hosting.

  • Purchase additional extensions (don’t just go with .com… you should think about purchasing .net, .org, .co, etc.)
  • Think about potential typos and errors your traffic might enter when trying to access your site. A competitor might buy that misspelled domain name and take your potential traffic. OR you could prevent that by purchasing another domain.
  • Should you purchase a domain name with additional words like “the” in there? Like

The great thing about purchasing multiple domains at once (like you would in this instance) is that you’ll likely get a nice deal from the hosting company. If you were to buy every domain separately, you’ll be less likely to be cut any slack in pricing.

Benefits of Multiple Domain Hosting

COST SAVINGS. Think about it this way… Would you rather purchase 4 different hosting plans, or 1 best multiple domain hosting plan? (hint: the answer should be the latter). Jump ship from your slew of different hosting plans and optimize your spend on just one hosting plan that will house multiple domains.

FLEXIBILITY. If you’ve really done your homework, you might even land yourself with a multiple hosting plan that provides unlimited domains! Coolness.

CAPTURE MISGUIDED TRAFFIC. Like mentioned earlier, if your traffic misspells your primary domain, they’ll end up somewhere else, unless of course you’ve purchased that misspelled domain! Avoid losing your business to your competitors by thinking ahead and purchasing many varieties of your primary domain name.

DECREASED ADMIN BURDEN. Spend less time performing silly tasks like managing multiple domains hosted on several different hosting plans. Putting everything in one place will save you time, energy, and resources so you can focus on doing your actual job rather than all the admin “stuff” that just serves to distract you.

NEW BUSINESS ANGLES. When you have the capability of hosting more than one domain on one hosting account, you allow for the possibility of tapping into new revenue streams by taking on new business angles. Let’s say you want to expand into a new market, or take on a new approach to your current business, you’ll need a new website for that and therefore a new domain.

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