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6 Stupid Easy Promo Hacks to SPEED Up Your Email List Growth

GRRRR.Grunt.Ugh.Moan.Long sigh.Those are all the things you feel/think/have happen to you when you think about growing your email list.Listen. I get it. It’s a huge pain in the behind.Growing your list is ANYTHING but easy.But, as with many things in life, it’s not always easy… but it’s so incredibly worth it.And just because it’s not […]

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5 Things that Happened During my 30-Days in the List Building Challenge Group

I started my blog, www.strawbaletales.com, five years ago as a Dear Diary to update friends and family about the unconventional home we were building in northern British Columbia, Canada. After a few years, the site languished and my blogging career appeared to be over before it started.Until a few months ago. A few months ago, […]

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How to Build Real Relationships with Powerful Bloggers

Tell me if you’ve felt this before…You spend countless hours producing content, engaging readers, hustling for blog traffic and revenues.You have a gigantic list of powerful influencers you look up to and follow.Sigh.What you wouldn’t give to be on their level! Partnering on projects, having them tweet your content, appearing on their podcasts…You work up […]

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July 2017 Income Report for my blog

So begins my July 2017 Income report – this is my fourteenth blog earnings report! Isn’t it just insane how time flies?At the start of each month, I document my past month’s earnings in the form of an income report. Throughout my income report, I discuss my successes and my failures. I also set goals […]

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How to Make an Ebook for Your Blog

This post has been on my backlog of blog post ideas for quite some time. But I quickly took it off the backburner and scheduled it for publishing when I learned how many eager bloggers are searching for help learning how to make an ebook. So here we go – this post is for you guys […]

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