Let's talk about us.

first me. then you.​

About Me 

Taking a page from my sister's book.  If you don't know me, my name is Eden.  If you do know me, well, my name is still Eden.  

"About" pages have never really been my 'thing'. It's hard to write about yourself. So, I'll stick to the basics and throw some facts at you with the understand that you'll never really "know" me from my about page, you'll just know some things about me. 

Here's who I am, more or less, in a few bullets. 

Hey guys, this is me in my natural habitat
  • I'm funny (in my head, and no one else's)
  • I love puppies (really just my own, but no one needs to know that)
  • I hate exercise before and during, but enjoy the pain and misery of sore limbs that follows a good sweat session - so you could call me a junkie (a CrossFit Junkie since I did, in fact, proudly drink the kool-aid)
  • I'm fast paced with most things in life besides running (you can read about my running journey here on Women's Running Magazine!)
  • I'm a quick decision maker (there's no need to shop around and deliberate, if it's right... it's right)
  • I am 1 of 10 kids - yes they're all "real" (at least since I last checked) - you can read about my family on the Today Show website
  • I almost went to law school (but smartened up just in time before the debt started piling)
  • I decided not to go to law school at my brother's wedding - read about that here - and instead decided to freelance and run this blog full time (life's short, so do what you love)
  • I'm dating a pretty cool guy (he's nameless on the blog)
  • I'm a Harry Potter fan (I have nothing witty to say about this, it's just fact)
  • I really enjoy using parentheses when I write (can you tell?)

Here's who I am in a few pictures.  First and foremost, above all else, I'm a girlfriend, a friend, a sister, a daughter, an aunt (most exciting of all!), and (most fun of all) a CrossFit addict. 

Like I said, you can't really "know" me from a silly about page.  But there you have it, a few fun facts.  

On to you

While I created this site in part for me, it's also mostly about you.  Who are you? Where do you want to be? What are you doing now? Are you doing what you want to be doing? 

This blog thing has quickly evolved into something awesome (at least I think so).  If you want to learn how to start a blog/website, you'll find that on this site (on the home page, actually). If you want to read about freelancing and making money online, you'll find that here. If you're looking for someone to help you out along the way by writing your content, creating your website, assisting with your marketing, or just to provide a helping hand wherever you need a hand in business, you'll find that here.  

This site is created with you in mind.  So, that said, drop me a line to say 'howdy', 'hello', or whatever. I want to hear from you. Who knows, maybe we can work together.  

Cheers friends! 

Eden ​

Where are you off to next?