Rebel Boss with Eden Fried
Eden Fried, digital product expert

Heyyyy rebel.

I’m Eden Fried.

My unique talent: helping creative women make money selling digital products online.

(And I do it without the crazy fluff, too.)

When I’m not wrangling my toddlers or at the gym, I’m at my computer helping people:

  1. Figure out what the heck they can sell online (and I’ve got loadsss of ideas that don’t take a whole lot of time to make)
  2. How to get MORE eyes on those products, so you can make lots of money selling them

Back in 2016, I ditched a future of pant suits and law libraries so that I could take a stab at making money online.

I tried what felt like all.the.things.

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Social media
  • SEO

Only to realize that while all those strategies CAN work, they’re a long game and I needed something to WORK FASTER.

then things changed...

When it felt like I was just scraping by and nothing was really moving the needle in my business…

I launched my very first digital product for $18.

That little product made $500, which turned into $1,000, and it continued to snowball from there.

Once I realized the power of even just one, low-cost digital product, I never looked back.

Now I spend my time teaching creative women how they, too, can turn their ideas into products to sell and profit from online.

And to be totally freaking honest with you (because I told you, there’s zero fluffy stuff here)… my first product wasn’t even all that great.

Honestly, it was kind of cringe-worthy. The value in it was good — don’t get me wrong. But my delivery could have been better.

So that just goes to show — so long as you have a great message and strategy, you can and will profit from your products.

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Fun facts about me...

I’m a mom to two littles, my drink of choice is a hot oat milk latte regardless of the season, and when I’m not at home with my kids or working, I’m usually at the crossfit gym trying to be the best version of myself. 

Favorite shows are HIMYM, Schitt’s Creek, New Girl and Gilmore Girls — fan girl for life!

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