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Turning your creative passion into digital products you can sell and profit from without the fluff or the headaches.

Eden Fried, digital product specialist

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let’s be real…

You’re a rebel.

You don’t like to follow rules.

Let’s skip all the B.S. and straight to the good stuff:
more money in YOUR bank by selling your digital products.

I’m a rebel just like you and I’m going to shoot it to you straight...

Digital products

are for EVERYONE.

yes, even you...

Even if you don’t have a large audience.

Even if you have no experience.

You have what it takes, you just need to make some moves.

Let’s make moves together

the Rebel Boss way.

This is more than a brand—Rebel Boss is a movement. We’re saying no thanks to traditional jobs and 9-5 and embracing our own creativity as a means to financial stability.

Rebel Boss is all about embracing your inner creativity—helping you build your empire using your own unique talents.

Whether you’re an artist, a writer, a physical therapist or just someone who has a wild imagination, you can lean into your inner rebel boss and follow the roadmap to turn that creative spark into a thriving online business.

Eden Fried


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I’m Eden Fried.

I cut out all the fluff to help you launch digital products faster, easier, and more profitably.

In the past three years alone, I’ve made nearly a million in sales and served over 9000 customers with digital products. And I did it while raising toddlers, spending very little on expenses for my business, and only working 10-15 hours per week.

I have a particular aptitude for cutting out all the noise and time-sucking things that don’t actually move the needle, and focus on only the stuff that actually matters.

And that’s what I’m passionate about helping you with.

The reason why I have made this work for me is not because I am Harvard trained (I’m absolutely not) or a marketing genius (for sure not).

I just have a way of hyper focusing only on the important things.

I can help you do the same.

Let’s do this...


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